SKY RAY U2 1200 Lumen XM-L T6

There is a new Skyray U2 light out in terms of price and form it's going up against the Trustfire TR-1600L T1

The same design but different reflector solutions.

Does the skyray have the latest XML U2 led?

I know MF can sometimes get it wrong, but..

The description says:

  • Model: SKY RAY U2
  • Features T6 LED emitter

If so it would be the first U2 emitter ive seen on MF.

Secondly thats the imfamous Rev. 1 body from the SkyRay 3800 with the crap drop-in.

But with one emitter and some thermal work with copper or alluminum foil and compound it should be fine.

But id verify the U2 part tho. I have a few in the mail now from KD that i ordered weeks ago to see what all the fuss is about. But ill use them in single emitter lights and not triples like the SR 3800.