Skylumen selling BLF GT for 1000.00!!!

Is this guy kidding? Selling a BLF GT for a thousand dollars :)) :)) :)) What an A HOLE }) What bothers me is some poor sap will buy it not knowing anything. Been watching his site for years and can’t believe what he gets for modding and reselling other companies flashlights.

No. He put $1000 for the reference., He even put $99999. I buy his lights all the time.

I guess the price is just a place holder and not real.

I don’t think he is actually going to sell it for that price. It says coming soon so speck and price are not finalised.

Here is an another example.

Vinh is the best guy. Trust me. He will never over charge for lights.

Hey, that’s cheap! I’ll buy that and sell it for $ 999,999,999.00.

Rednecks gonna pay.

I know people who would pay that much, because Vihn.

Just joking, like others mentioned, just a place holder.

Amazon/eBay/website sellers do the same thing while waiting for stock or w/e

OK :FACEPALM: I was going to say holly molly!! His site is very confusing, at lease for me :stuck_out_tongue: My bad :FACEPALM:

Long time Vinh customer here and yes it’s only a reference not the actual price…why he does that I dunno. He will be come up with a price a later date along with all his modified options for this light.

Yep, Wayne is the Man … remember these days.

Is there a discount code, tried blf, but its still coming up $ 1,000,999.98 in my paypal cart ?


Retailers do this when a new product is not yet available but they are already programming it into a web store.
This way people don’t buy it until the real price is released.

I’ve got a couple Vihn lights, they are great but the last year or so his prices are ridiculous, seems double what they were for what you get.

haha lol thats a cheap price!!!

Goodness! What in the world is that?

Yeah, Vinh is a very nice guy. He does not overcharge and offers excellent service. I know him since at least 7-8 years and he did fantastic work for me.

once he got enough followers buying his stuff he sets the prices higher

Just look at simple resistor modded lights

for at best 10 minutes work 30-50$

P60 drop in hand crafted by Wayne back in the early days … :slight_smile:

SST50 emitter direct drive.