Skyray 3800 Field Test

I thought I would give my SR3800 a field test last night (I had to drive somewhere late at night). This is the unit that has had so many failures no one could recommend buying one. Even mine arrived DOA, but I managed to get a replacement driver board. So for now, it is working just fine.

Anyway, I read on this forum somewhere that it is brighter than a car's headlights, so I thought I would test it the same way. I simply drove along and hung the torch out the driver's window as I was going along. Not very scientific, but a reasonable test, I thought.

It surprised me - the torch is FAR brighter on low beam than both of my car headlights put together. In fact, when you turn the torch off, the car's lights seem rather sad.They're also very yellow, which you don't seem to notice normally.

On high beam, the lights are about the same. Pretty much the same coverage, but again the SR3800 is a lot whiter, so it stands out a lot better. I think the high beam on the car has a wider spread, which is the main differnce.

Anyway - a good test. If my headlights ever go, I could very happily drive home using just the torch!

I did the exact same thing with mine. That is what got me interested in warm white and neutral tints. When i turned off the skyray and turned the headlights on I saw how good the natural subjects looked with a warmer tint. That said, the skyray is as bright as my headlights and is awsome. Also for the record, my original skyray is still running strong even after my son has run it on high until it shut down more than a few times.

I did the same with mine. My headlights seem a little low and I was trying to spot potholes whilst my wife was driving.

kneighbour, they managed to source the driver for you finally? (think you purchased from light take?)

Actually Lightake was very quick about it. No problems at all. Very happy. I asked if they had thought about selling the drivers - but they said the drivers are too hard to get. They did not seem to have too much trouble with mine, so I am guessing that if there was enough interest, they still might. Email them, I would suggest.

im glad im not the only one as me and the wife have done this a few times with my TR-3T6 and the TR-1200 the TR-1200 will come close to the throw my car head lights but not enough spill to drive comfortable but the TR-3T6 does the job nice, even with the car,s high beams on you can still see the hot spot of the TR-3T6.

my car's high beams are 55 watt + 100 watt left and 55 watt + 60 watt right

my car's low beam is 55 watt left and 55 watt right

so the TR-3T6 must be bloody bright.

just incase any one is wondering i run an extra 40 watt of the left with my car high beams it helps light up the left side of the road to spot kangaroo's and in australia we drive on the left if some of our internation friend,s didnt know.

ive never mentioned this before as i though people would think i was crazy or being dangours but its good for a laugh and it shows it can be done in an emergency as i have had a thermal fuse blow in my car before and i could out run my head lights in my car for a few seconds at a time before they cut out, but if i had my TR-3T6 back then i could of easily driven home.