Skyray King for $59.12

I would agree with you if they were mistakes..but they're not mistakes they're blatant lies and deceit..that is no way to run a company and why they lost me as a customer..

but who cares..enjoy the king..i'm probably going to grab one also this week..i've been putting it off..

Hi all my dear friends,sorry for my late reply,I have found my mistake,and also have found our front desk datas made a mistake ,that is one item,sincerely sorry about this inconvenience,and hope i am not late to find this post.

hope everything goes well


Shipped already. Way to go DD. :crown:

Please show us your AAA lights collection if you can (or posting a list). You seem to have many of them!!

Well I see they finally fixed the "error" of 2 pieces on their site now.

I have some of them, not very many. :)

Off the top of my head:

- DQG II (NW, CW, w. & w.out magnet)
- DQG III Ti NW (Pre-production = with old tail)
- Thrunite Ti (both Firefly & 3lm versions)
- Klarus MiX6 SS
- Ultrafire SA-R2
- Sunwayman R01A Gold
- 4sevens Preon P0
- Maglite Solitaire (some of these)
- 1xAAA FTT (no-name?)

Incoming (from DD):
- Bronte RA01
- Skillhunt Ramble I
- Tank 007 E09

Some of them are shown in this key chain groupie:

impressive beautiful collection, easily worth hundreds of $$$!!

no itp a3 or olight i3, i see. the Ultrafire reminds me of Worm SS, very nice. With 1x Eneloop AAA your incoming Tank E09 should be the brightest (and has only 33min runtime on Hi-mode therefore), hopefully you like it!

Thanks for sharing the listing and the photo, wonderful :D

Looks legit:

The original coupon code is expired, new code is: "summer10off" :crown:

Which Thrunite Ti is better or do you prefer: Firefly version or 3 lumen?

Is the firefly mode useful?

I think the 3 lumen version is more useful, but then again: I have DQG NW with about 3 lumen output always with me (in my key chain).. So I don't use either of Thrunite Tis much and I might have used the Firefly version more. :)

I can sum up my experience like this:

1) They sell items that are not in stock.

2) Their chat rep is totally unethical and will say anything regardless of whether it's true or not.

3) They will substitute and send you a different item (cheaper quality) than what you originally ordered (and I don't think it's just a mistake - I believe often it's because it was not in stock to begin with).

4) Their reviews are, at best, totally unreliable.

5) Their prices are not that competitive overall - even with promo codes (assuming they even work).

6) If you don't have a video camera/phone and don't know how to upload you're out of luck proving you received a defective light or the wrong item.

7) They send partial shipments without letting you know in advance (sometimes they do).

Stay clear unless you have no problem with the above.

Thanks for the heads-up....looks like another Chinese company on my avoid list.

Received my King today, 17 days after placing the order. Not bad at all!

It's a real, branded Skyray with CW emitters. Scores about 7% higher in ceiling bounce than my known good unbranded NW version.

After all, I'm very happy with the purchase. :)

no matter how low it drops darn thing is still bright gold. This is my problem

True, that's why I like my DRY.

You might love the APEX then. :)

But really: The color isn't that bad! Quite many of us have got over it and are enjoying the light very much.


Confirmed. :)

wow…could DD’s search engine be any worse?