Skyray King for $59.12

Yes, it's DD, but we have Summer in case something would go wrong => for this price I'd pull the trigger.

Use coupon code "DD10offallru" "summer10off" "retailmenot10off" and you'll get SkyRay King for $59.12

Edit: Expired code changed to new one.
Edit 2: Expired code changed to new one, again.

i hear bad things about DD, so who is summer? is that a rep thats active on the boards?

great price for the light and im waiting to pull the trigger.

I have over 30 orders from DD and absolutely nothing to complain. Yes, they did send me some unprotected cells, but their CS (and Summer) handled it very well and I got protected ones as replacement (and kept the unproteced as added bonus). And once I ordered Klarus MiX6 Ti and got the SS version. In that case they gave me a really nice refund, so I'm still a happy camper.

Summer is DD rep here at BLF. Just PM her and she'll be glad to help you.

I'm actually thinking of ordering two more. :)

Good price and free tracking since it's over $50. I'd say go for it. Though at this price, this would be the CW version, which I feel not as good as NW.

Don't worry though, it's "non-toxic and help protect eyes"!

_the_, TWO MORE KINGS? Heheh... not afraid they'll start civil flashlight wars for control?

Too bad the $10 off $50 coupon is expired. I used it several times to get some great deals on >$50 lights.

Wow after reading this and going to their site I see they are giving you 2 Kings for that price, now that is a deal

Just wanted to confirm the coupon still works but I won't be purchasing this.

2 for price of 1? Pardon me if I'm skeptical... but...

I'm 101% certain that it's just a typo. Just ignore it, like everything else written in DD site. :)

..or take screenshot of it, receive one, contact their CS and tell that they promised two, receive refund (like kreisler would do :bigsmile:)

Hehe.. I own three kingdoms of flashlights and only one King..

But seriously: I don't have CW King yet, so: One CW for me and another for my friend.

2pcs meaning 1x flashlight, 1x pendant rope (the lanyard) as explained on the bottom screen. (Wait... they use this 1/2kg hunk as pendant??)

You know, just like 121pcs toolset that counts the screw, the screwcase, etc :)

1/2kg.. Serious BlingBling! :bigsmile:

But yes, that explains. Thanks!

I don't know about that, when they list batteries it says "2 pieces" and I always get 2 batteries in the mail for the price paid....just saying

would buy if I had I not been screwed by DD in the last 3 orders..i'd rather pay 65$ and buy somewhere else..sorry DD you can't keep screwing people and expect return business..avoid DD..the hassle is not worth the 5$ savings..

They got me once, Ordered a 502b got a 501a ... Pretty sad after waiting a month for the light ... I rather have someone piss in my Fruit Loops ... Before using DD again .....

yeah..they were always pretty fast for me, but sent wrong items, defective stuff etc..they did come through on my v60c though..probably because uniquefire doesn't make a v60c clone lmao

Frankly: DD isn't _that_ bad. Mistakes happen, but the quality of the shop is really defined by how they handle their mistakes. DD has made mistakes, but treated me very well. (Thanks to Summer and their CS)

Kings ordered. Along with three different AAA lights.

Did you verify that it's for two at the $59 price?

Hi! Does this coupon code apply to a larger order? Are there other active coupon codes? Thank you and Regards, -Bob- (KumaBear)

Yes it does. Summer said: "Minimum order amount - $ 5! Maximum - $ 1,999 !"

No other good coupons that I'm aware of. Sorry about that.