Skyray King from Manafont

Does anyone know if the King from manafont is NW or CW
Very close in pressing the button

99% Guess… CW :wink:

and a newbie question, why most prefer the Natural White over the Cool White?
Cool White isn’t “cooler”? 8)

Neutral white gives better color rendering to cool white. IMO, trees look grey in cool white vs more natural under neutral white.

generally a cool white tint is a blueish/white tint, giving a “cool/cold” feel, a neutral is a more white/yellow tint which feels warmer, then there is warm white which has a tint similar to incandescent lights and has a “warm” look to it.

i have both CW and a NW and NW definitely has a better color rendition, but i still prefer CW because it gives out the most lumens. When a tint gets warmer you loose a little output due to more phosphorous needed to create the warmer tint, aka NW, or even warmer WW

Hopefully the Manafont one is the CW then
If as Jerrycobra says that CW gives out more Lumens then I intend to use this for Night Mountain Biking I think I will buy
Has anyone done a run time on full power…….I am hoping to get at least 1hr 15 mins with four decent 18650’s

Thank you very much for explaining, been very helpful

Especially outdoors NW is better imho, because the green and brown color tones don't work very well in blue/cool light. Many people said that the depth perception is better with NW/WW than with CW in the out of doors.

I couldn’t agree more with that, and it’s because of the improved colour rendition, which in most cases equates to improved colour contrast. In fact I’d even choose something like a T6 3C over something like a U2 1A for throw these days. Maybe it’s subjective, but even though I wouldn’t claim that a NW T6 can throw farther than a CW U2, I’m certain that right at the limit of the throw, I can see better.

Edit: On related note, I asked a couple of my non-flashaholic friends tonight to comment on some tints. I demo’d 3 different tints: 1A (XM-L T6), 3C (XM-L T6) and 5C1 (XM-L T5) all in P60 drop-ins with SMO reflectors. Order of preference amongst all concerned (including myself) was 5C1, 3C and 1A. 5C1 is a lovely tint. But although I like the “mood” of that tint the best, I still feel that 3C is the most practical. There’s more tint goodness to explore between WW and NW of course, which is something I plan to do.