Skyray King's baby Brothers:

That does help a little to lessen the worry. I’m a bit side switch shy when a light doesn’t have lockout. My ZL SC60 came on in my pocket a few times. The last time it did it got so hot before I figured out what the pain was that I had 1st degree burns on my leg. Since then I have never forgotten to lock it out at the tail.

Edit: In a light like this with an electronic switch, lockout is also important to me for reducing parasitic drain on the cells. Unless I am actively using it I always lockout the light so the cells don’t drain. My UF-H2 taught me that lesson in just a couple weeks of no use. When I did need it there was nothing left.

No problem for me, I order the 3x123 Queen version, it’s going to be another shelf queen :slight_smile:

I still don’t understand how they are going to produce 1000lm from what is really a high capacity AA, or put it another way, 1 D Cell?

I’m holding out for the AAA “Pawn” version.

They aren't. :p

I made the same assumption, but I over-looked the 3-Parallel cell arrangement.

According to this thread here I don’t think 1000 OTF lumens is possible. 1000 bulb lumens would be possible if the LED can get ~14 Watts. So either scenario to me seems very unlikely.

Theoretically speaking and assuming a 100% efficient circuit…
In order to generate ~800 bulb lumens, a T6-XML needs about 9 watts (2.8A x 3.2V = 8.96W)

To get 9W from 3AA(parallel Eneloop):
9W / 1.2V = 7.5A from the 3-parallel cells

Divided 3 ways:
7.5A / 3AA = 2.5A per AA

An Eneloop AA can deliver ~3-3.25A before it starts to sag. So in terms of power capacity (assuming a near-perfectly efficient circuit) 3AA cells are capable of delivering the 9W.

It all depends on the driver circuit though, and I wouldn’t expect a circuit efficiency much greater than ~85%.
It would be a REALLY KILLER design though if it maintained 8-9W from 1.2 - 4.2V, with an 80% efficiency… I am not sure if this is even possible. Its definitely rare and not a common circuit design.

PS can someone please correct me on the points above?… thanks in advance

Three 14500’s will get you the 1000 lumens.
Just as the 3 cr123 won’t get you the 1000 lumens but 3 rcr123 will

The ad on cnqualitygoods says 14500’s /AA which means both.
3 AA could probably get you 300-400 lumens since the Fenix LD41 can do 500 lumens on 4aa

I still prefer using Ni-MH than Lithium if it brings the same output, so it becomes safer for a gift to a non flasholic for example.

Eneloop (or nimh in general) do fine at 5A draw. Less capacity but that’s to be expected. The question with this light how much it draws. Too high might not be good idea since as design decision folks might want to use AA alkalines in them. If that’s the case 2A draw is max. So 1.2v*3*2A=7.2W-20%loss (at least) = <6W.

The shame is that it’s 2 levels only so it doesn’t have high for nihm and med for alkaline or 1.5v single-use lithiums (which are like 1.5A-3A draw max).

The queen and rook likely share same boost driver. I think a better design choice would be 4 batteries like King. Most packs come in 4’s anyway, along with chargers, and it would be 25% more power for not that much bigger.

I still want one in 3C tint, though.

It’d likely need 6AA like the Fenix TK41 to get the same brightness as the three 14500’s.
That being said, even 300-400 lumens would be lots for a nonflasholic and still lots of light for day to day use. I don’t know that I’d run three 14500’s but I’d run the 14505’s which are sold at BatteryJunction and there a 3 volt lithium primary in AA size.

I know, that’s why I posted. :wink:

It will be no brighter than any other 1AA light. It’s just the same as having a 1D light. If they showed a 1D light you wouldn’t expect much out of it, so don’t go mad thinking it’s going to be very bright just because it’s got 3AA.

The only good thing is the large head, might make for a nice AA powered thrower.

I am pretty sure it’ll be fine with 3x14500 li-ion to make it much brighter, boost drivers will default to direct drive when Vbat > Vf, most times even modes still work fine.

The AA version on li-ion will be brighter than the 123 version, unless it’s got a buck boost driver rather than boost driver.

im reading this thread and i not grasping the purpose or reason why this light at this price range is a good purchase?
Maybe if you didn’t have or want the SkyRay King at $ 12.00 to $15.00 bucks more. A mini King minus 2
Leds and 1/3 the output 20% savings,Why?

Because nobody else has one.... yet.

I'm in agreement with you. Don't think this is a good spend. Maybe if it was in gunmetal or black, but I'm just not diggin the pimpin' gold color.

Unless it ships for under $30 I won’t touch it. Absolutely no reason it should cost $45 when a King can be had for $59. A lot of Ric’s lights start out a little high then drop as time goes buy and they stop selling. Once all the “I gotta have it first!” folks get them and sales slow down you should see a pretty good drop in price.

I can’t speak of other people’s reasons, but for me, it’s the relentless pursuit of miniturization. I currently hold the record on the smallest Mad D mod. Mag Zero D The amount of work went into it makes me cringe just to think about it, probably why it’s never been done before.

I am curious as to compare it with the 3x123 XML queen, especially size & handling, as the Photon Grenade already won on Lumens/Tint & CRI. The queen could also be a platform for further modding if I am not happy with it or come up with some crazy ideas. To me, it’s an obvious bargain.

On the other hand, I have no interest in the King. It’s much bigger & fatter, plus a mere clone that offered no innovation over Nitecore’s tiny monster. This has nothing to do with the price difference between King & Queen. To me, the King should be a shamed, while the Queen offers some what a redemption. (I think they were made by the same mfg.)

Mag Zero D Triple Nichia 219 Hi CRI Photon Grenade ~1500 lumens.

Considering the KING started selling at around $75 the pricing for these two models is somewhat reasonable. Eventually $35-40 shipped would be a fair price to ask, assuming it’s a quality, PROPERLY functioning light.

I should have put in parenthesis ( ma_sh1 aside) . Im guessing you probably have most of the current 3T6
available. Im willing to bet you are disassembling these two mini’s before they arrive.

I have some components on the way and im looking for the perfect host. The gold just kills it for me.

Wow, ma-sha1 your mini mag is brilliant. i’ll leave it at that.

I like the gold anodize color. I have plenty of black lights. It is nice to see something different.

The 3AA woukd be cool with 3 XP-Gs and take 14500s.

I’m with you, I love the color, I think it’s great. Black is boring, I have more than enough in black. Everyone has their own opinion on style and color, but I’m happy to have this option. The only complaint I can come up with about my DRY is that it is truly boring, black and blah…until it comes alive…