Skyray King's baby Brothers:

Skyray King’s baby Brothers:

One runs on 3xAA, the other 3xRCR123:

Pictures are from, review by Aku, it’s from new mfg. blackshadow, supposed to be related to Skyray.

lol, those look really cute. :D

hmmm… looks interesting… link maybe?

Damn! Those are way cute!

3 X AA is right on!!

I love 3xAA baby :wink:

AA? Thats screaming 3*14500!

Wow 3xAA very cool! How much? Where?

OMG must have!!


Looking forward to more info on these.

They look nice, except the color I wonder if they are color blind or did they buy like a million gallons of that awful annodize. How many emitters are in the head?

You have a link to the review? I am having a tough time finding it on that forum.

AA driver:
About boost 800MA 1.5V

thousand drivers:
4.2V == 1.8A


Just 1 emitter.

Looks like a single XML in the 3xAA one.

Kind of interested.

I was also wondering about the color. After all this time that the King is in the market, I would have expected black versions to start popping out...

Am I correct the one which takes 3xRCR123 will have more output than the one with 3xAA unless it takes 3x14500?

All I’m getting reading these is emperor’s brother and feces. I need some non-cryptic info.