skyrc mc3000 screen blank

first it was shipped with a europe plug. i ordered one with a us plug. ok so i used my us plug from my printer and powered it up. it was working fine untill i started to charge my tenergy c nimh cells and the screen lights up but no digits.

Heres the pics from chewy.

ah i was trying to that. thanks MRsDNF

That is the second complaint I read about that charger… Wonder how many more bad surprises are waiting to reveal themselves… |(

trying to get a refund through paypal. so far gear best offered me 12 dollars back through paypal… So beware on who you buy this charger from. im just wondering if their is anything that might of caused that to happen. I put in all the cells in the right way.

This is a review on the charger. So far i don’t think its worth it. I could buy 2-3 OPUS BT-C3100/S3400 V2.2’s for the price of one of these. i already bought a couple of opus’s from a vendor on ebay and is satisfied with those. needed to be able to cycle 6 –8 d cells at a time. using those c/d charging adapters.

i do have a separate thread about the dealer in the Budget Dealer Experiences sub forum.

It suddenly striked me that I have seen that sort of problem before. I know I am way too late with this.
There is in the system settings a control for display contrast that perhaps could be out of range. I hav’nt checked if it can be set so wrongly though.
But to correct that, one have to get into the menu blindfolded or perhaps a factory reset could correct it (but I think that must have been tried now).

Take it apart, probably a simple cold solder joint or something. I can't count the number of things I've fixed due to a cold solder joint. And if you can't find a cold solder joint, just reflow everything. I was working on my instrument cluster on my truck I sold awhile back and could not find any cold solder joints. The problem was that the check engine light was not coming on. So I reflowed the entire board and it started working correctly. Just a thought to try and be helpful...