SkyRC MC3000: Ultimate Program Guide

I looked briefly at the spreadsheet. But not enough to fully appreciate it. Probably because it was more complex than a quick look would allow. I am not sure why you used a spreadsheet. I think that everything in there would go well in a standard “Word” document. That would make it easier to read and maybe less off putting for some. I am hoping to get back to it. But from what I did see, it looks like it is a good start. The information is solid.
Somehow I was thinking that you were going to document settings that you use for different chemistries and sizes of cells. For that, a column for each setting with values on a line for each battery type would work.

because it’s a calculator. you put in the cell capacity (and, optionally, other inputs), and it makes programs. it also serves as convenient documentation. the cells have useful notes that you can view by hovering.

for example, every program parameter cell has the explanation from the manual built into it. you mostly don’t have to refer to the manual anymore.

you can also read the cell formula to understand how the value was derived instead of just scratching your head.

yes, but so far only LiIon and NiMH since those are the only cells i use.

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WOW! That was not apparent on first look. Maybe I would have known better if I looked at more than the first page. I wonder if that was lost on others?? Not everyone is familiar with how spreadsheets work…
I will look closer. Me and spreadsheets never have gotten along that well. I downloaded it as an Xcel spreadsheet. We will see if the macros survived.

i see your point! i added the screenshot to the OP.

Naw it’s probably cuz it’s flawless. Well, the charger section of this forum is pretty dead for whatever reason. So is charger discussion in general. Ever since onboard charging became real common. Too bad. Is there anybody still reviewing chargers beyond just an unboxing video?

I looked at it. Looks fine to me. But I don’t have the charger so idk how this really works in practice. It doesn’t hot when you’re discharging at 0.5c? Must have a good cooling fan.

The most recent version has two fans.
Even the Original model that I use daily and that has a single fan, does not get “that” hot when cycling cells. At least the cells do not get above around 50C.

depends on the cell capacity :wink:

i think it can do 2A (total or per slot, idk)