SLF's P1D & L2N

Hey guys, mr.postman passed me these :bigsmile:


P1D comes with a spare O-ring, spare tailcap & one stainless steel lanyard ring, wow ! (also with one RCR123 battery tube, as with P1 :stuck_out_tongue: ops)

P1D with M3 head

P1D’s serial number

Outlook wise, not much difference compared with P1

Grey L2N vs Black L2T

Grey L2N with M3

Awesome! Congrats on the beauty arrivals today! Any more impressions on the hosts?

sweet. i just ordered a couple of the L2m and a L2n with a u2 over

the weekend. thanks Boaz. Now i need to get a hold of some


I too ordered a L2N and a L2M this week. I couldn’t justify my needs for a chunky P1D though.

I got my L2N and M3 yesterday too. Very happy.

Got mine today too. Love the L2n

Well, I’d fitted in the lanyard ring, seems a bit loose, but given its HAIII, should be able to withstand the rotation friction.

I’ve always wanted to get a black P1, but luckily I waited and now got a full alu. P1d, which is nicer & I’ll be using it with their new XM-L U2, 3 modes dropin.

SolarForce’s been pushing hard to provide us flashaholics, outstanding machined, stylish P60 hosts.

L2N is quite nice really, the tailcap had good grip, matte finish looks nice, anyone want a Blue L2N ? I know I want :smiley:

S/N: A00315 for Grey L2N & S/N: 00567 Black P1d, what’s yours ? :slight_smile:

Really nice Solarforce collection you got there, iron potato - thanks for posting all the pictures. I'm really glad I bought the grey L2N - color looks very nice (I'm through customs and the light is in the Chicagoland area as of 2am, so hopefully it arrives today!). M3 head is definitely on my list now too.

@iron potato: On the last photo with the L2T + lamp thingy attached to it, where did you buy it?

Nice collection! Thanx for sharing! :slight_smile:

That is Fenix AD502N Camping lampshade, it had 4 hooks, which clings on the L2T’s groove nicely, I use it mostly in my washroom :bigsmile:

Yea, I like it too, matte grippy grey.

No nonsense modes with M3 head, good runtime with 2x 18650, throwy bright hotspot for its size, cooling fins, get it, you wont regret.

Hope you ‘toying’ with your L2N soonest ~


Is the L2N lighter than it appears here? It doesn’t seem to contrast much with the black L2T in the side-by-side pic. Anyways the P1D is quite a looker, as is the L2N. Congrats, and bask in that new SF feel :stuck_out_tongue:

My bad on the picture quality, the grey is something like a dark olive color.

Yep, the P1d is really chunky & solid built.

It was partly the computer I was on. I definitely can tell now that I’m using my lappy (from here it looks like cobalt but darker). Cool. Thanks, iron.

[quote=iron potato]

I was wondering the same thing. Very nice accessory.

Anyone (beside me) think the P1D would look great with the anodizing stripped
off, buffed and polished till it glows?



The L2N came today. The grey is very dark, more of a gunmetal with a touch of green tint. It almost looks black.... until you place it next to a black Solarforce, then the difference becomes apparent. The XM-L U2 is bright!. I do a comparison vs the Manafont drop-in tonight, but so far so good.

Shoot. Seeing this made me go and order one of those camping accessories as well as two smaller ones for my two new quark x aa2’s lol.

That’s great! I’m gonna get one too. Thanks for the info.