Slimline 14500 with clicky and pocket clip?

I like the Xeno EO3 but has no clip. And the Eagletac D25 but a bit pricey and poor 14500 support as it loses modes. Any others?

Trustfire F20? Nice light, although 5 modes with blinkies. Quick memory, really bright after an XM-L emitter swap (plenty of posts here on that). Clip isn't the greatest, but is a deep pocket type clip. Has a rear clicky. Runs on AA up to 14500 Li-Ion.

Also, the Crelant V11A.


Zebralight SC52 is small, has a good clip and good 14500 support but alas, not any cheaper than the Eagletac.

I also like the Jetbeam BA10 and the Armytek A1 looks nice.

Any good places to buy Crelants from?

I would say MD-Lightsource, but I don't know about shipping to the UK.


The Olight S15 looks like a pretty nice candidate as well, although they use the same body size between AA and CR123 so it’s not as slim as it could be. Also I can’t recall if there’s a Tank 007 AA model with a clicky switch? I know they make one for AAA size.

Personally the light I end up grabbing most often is my D25A, because this slim 14500 size is just perfect. It’s got much more runtime than a AAA light and hardly any more noticeable when clipped in a jeans pocket.

With 14500 it still has 4 distinct brightness levels: 2 Low's, 1 Med, 1 Turbo. I am gonna post Fenix lumens measurements soon, so far my estimates:

I would strongly suggest the Xtar WK41.I have been EDCing one for a few weeks now and like it a lot.It keeps the two low modes the same between 14500 or NiMh.There are a couple of reviews here on BLF.-Rick

Ah the WK41, yes that light looks great! Sad thing is I think maybe I ordered one last week, but I can’t remember for sure so I have to wait and see if anything shows up! haha. I maybe have a flashlight problem…


The EagleTac website still says 14500 direct drives the LED, although it does mention that the low and med will be higher.

Or are you only referring to the Ti version?

The EagleTac D25A I have (aluminum, neutral white 2013 version) works fine on 14500 cells. All modes are noticeably brighter than with NiMH, and there’s still distinct low, medium and high modes.

aluminum 2013 and titanium 2013 seem to have the same dliver.

LOL!I have learned not to go on flashlight store sites late at night, and hide my wallet if I do!I have also had a few things “show up” in the mailbox that I don’t remember ordering!-Rick

I read the title and thought: Eagletac D25A clicky. My 2013 version indeed has full 14500 support, including the non-pwm moonlight (which is a bit brighter than moonlight on 14500's, I guess a few lumens). I can also recommend 14500 LiFePo-batteries in this light, the little light gets less hot than with Li-ions but still has considerably more output than on NiMh-cells.

great light xp-g2 140 lumens aaa or 205 lumens 14500 and good long runtimes

Yep looks like a good candidate, although since Eagletac can make a true “slim” 14500 light, why don’t others?

I generally consider “slim” 14500 lights to have a diameter around or less than 20mm, and roughly the same size head diameter as the body. The Eagletac D25A is very slim at around 17mm, barely larger than the AA inside it.

I notice my favorite EDC light, my RRT-01 is a LOT more annoying and noticeable in a jeans pocket at just 23mm for example.

R10A does look nice, but at only 205 lumens on a 14500 I can’t really see the point. Seem more like a ‘Mid’ mode rather than high.

The S15 is definitely slimmer than the S10 and made for an AA, not just an elongated S10, I just handled one the other day.

Thanks for the correction, I was basing my statement solely on the dimensions provided from the manufacturer which state both light have a 23mm diameter. Good to know the S15 is slimmer…

Let’s face it, you don’t need insanely high output from a small light. All it does is heat up the body and burn your hands!