slimline 1xAAA with a proper fixed deep carry pocket clip?

Are there any lights like this? Thinking the same sort of size as a Mag Solitaire (clicky or twisty). Simply modes (pref no disco modes) but essential to have a proper fixed pocket clip rather than the clip on style clip and ideally designed for deep pocket carry.


I think the E10 would work. PM Kreisler and he could show you some pics.

Olight Eos I3. Better than the ITP EOS because it has a fixed clip.

hi, E10/E09 combo is my preferred 1xProtected 10440 Clicky with clip .. the Olight i3 might be the only 1xAAA with fixed pockect clip.

I use 1xAA lights for pocket clip carry, not 1xAAA lights.

This .

If Match could fix you up with his T10 clip on a Ti . . that would be stellar. Hmm, wonder if the Thrunite deal is still on.

Eagletac DC25a

Mag Solitari 12.70mm x 81mm

ealgetac dc25a mini 17mm x 80mm, with XP-G2