Slippery question

I have a small problem that I need advice on. I find some of the flashlights a bit slippery to hold, especially the smaller EDC type like the Convoy S2, the ones that are a even cylinder from end to end. Are there any brands that have a rubberized surface or is there a ‘non-slip’ coating I could spray or paint on ?
I have attached a pocket clip & this does help but a rubber surface may be the answer.

using paracord maybe??

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I used plastidip on my DQG tiny III… It is in my review: Carry Review of the DQG Tiny III 18650 light.

There is the brush on type available as well, if you just want to hit some areas… Available at Home Depot, Lowes, etc in most places…

Maybe something like this? I’m unsure how well it might work but it might be worth a try.

Beat me to it!

Plasti-dip, grip tape, or truck bed liner paint

You might try a few rings of silicone around the light tubes. You could get quite creative. But it might ruin the look of the lights.

Or, try a few small dots of silicone on the light. Maybe get a cake decorator to do it :wink:


this should grip your Convoy light nicely
a few colors to choose too.

I had a pair of these on my convoy c8 as a cigar grip ring. Depending on where you live, the silicon can get extra grippy or in my case it start to get loose

I use big colored rubber bands and womens colored hair bands wrapped a few times like a Cigar grip . the colors are nice and they add a lot of grip where you need it .

on lots of lights wher the clip isn't really worth a damn the added smaller rubberbands under the clip gives some traction to the light making the clip sem like it's better than it really is .

on tiny key chain lights like the singfire s348/ blf nichia group buy light I've used the rubber off of ball point pens to add grip .Most are really hard to get on and end up tearing but work for a while and add some interesting textures to slick little lights .

i've also made my own cigar grips from Dense foam and rubber plugs . you can shave them with an exacto and finish them with a file and sandpaper and make them perfect . i asked fastech for them and will ask manaker and anyone else making custom blf lights for us . ....good cigar grips and clips may be my next group buy

Grip tape

Thanks Guys. Some very useful suggestions. Lots for me to try.
I did ‘fix’ one flashlight by putting on 2 heavy duty O-rings. There is a groove on the light that holds them in place & is in the right place to give a nice thumb & forefinger grip.

Heat shrink tubing, they make all kinds and colors,handle grip, neoprene (soft grip-able) and even cloth type shrinkable tubing! different types towards bottom of this page… Heat Shrink & Non-Shrink Tubing

Well, that site is now a book mark! Thanks for this, the fabric heatshrink looks very interesting…

Use the air chamber for bicycles.
It is resistant.
The find in your size (diameter); You can cut in so far that you need
It is economic.
buy it a bit smaller than the diameter which must cover.