Small diameter reflector or TIR for XR-E?


Does anyone know where I can get a small diameter (~1/2” or slightly larger than 1/2”) reflector or TIR for an XR-E emitter?

Fasttech apparently use to have one:

but it’s out of stock.


Let me back up a bit.

I got a couple of these awhile ago:\_p244453.html?

These were horrible, more like “neutral blue” rather than “neutral white”, and a really ugly beam, so I’ve left them alone for awhile.

But, with the long 4th of July weekend, I got bored, and started trying to “improve” one of them.

The light had a plastic “pill” with a strawhat-type emitter, so first thing I did was swap out the “driver” with one from my junkbox. The light was brighter, but still blue as heck, so next I tried swapping in an XR-E on a star from my junk box.

The problem was the original reflector hole was way too small for the XR-E “collar”, so I ground down the original reflector to enlarge the hole, but I kind of went too far, so now, the emitter sits way too far “into” the reflector, and I have a really ugly dark hole in the beam.

So, I’m looking for a reflector or TIR that would work with the XR-E and with this “host”. The head is just about 5/8” diameter, so I figured about 1/2” diameter reflector or TIR.

Thanks for listening.


De-domed emitters like to sit deeper, maybe just de-dome it?

Have you tried a centering ring to raise the reflector?

Dang, that centering ring suggestion might’ve been the right thing to do, but too late :)!!

I already went in a different direction:

- I switched the emitter/star to another one that had, I think, an XB-D or something, and found a different reflector off of an parts light, a “Police 3W”,but the tint was way too purple again.

- So, I removed the emitter from the star, and re-flowed a Nichia 119 (from a bunch I bought from texaspyro awhile ago (Nichia 119's for cheap (also Cree XLAMP-7090's)))

The light is pretty bright now, and beam seems to be ok, and I like the Nichia 119 tint.

I have another 2 of the “Prairiefire” lights, and I still have that reflector that I ground down, so I’ll try to find a centering ring and see how that works in one of the other lights.


Wow! That's a lot more work than trying a centering ring. When you go in a different direction, you turn off the GPS and burn the maps.

Hah, but there was a bit of logic to it :)!!

First, I decided to use the other emitter because I didn’t have a small enough reflector that would fit over the XR-E “ring”.

But, then, even though I found a reflector that worked with that emitter beam-wise, when I powered that on, it had that really ugly purple tint (I mean it was REALLY purple), so was trying to decide what to do, and almost was ready to chuck the whole thing after spending almost a full day on this stupid light already.

Then, I remembered that I had the Nichias… like 30 of them, and remembered that they had a pretty nice tint on the ones I used….

So, that’s when I decided to reflow the 119 onto the star, and I’m very pleased with the results :).

So, there you go… “I love it when a plan comes together” :)!!