small maglite project need suggestions.

First off is going to be a maglite project.

Project goals: Host’s are going to be a C cell (i have it) or a D Cell light (need to get one) looking for good throw out to around 600yd or so. have some nice bells a whistle’s on it for dimming but hopefully without modes that need to be clicked through.

Current Component list: Single XML-T6, Heatsink that will be made, driver board (unknown witch one at this time), rechargeable cells that won’t require machining of the maglite body.

Design features i would like to include: I would actually like a battery level display of some kind perhaps a LED bargraph display located on the body. I don’t know what is available for this.

Some kind of trim pot style dimming adjustment so i can turn the light on and off with the switch and control the draw with a knob or slider style. switching through modes annoys me. i have not been able to find much of any information on this besides a few lights that have it but without much information on how they achieved it.

This light needs to be the brightest light i’ve seen. if i am going to be having a host light a large frame maglite it best out preform my little P60 host.

Comments and suggestions? this is going to be my first time trying to seriously mod a light. I will update the OP as change’s are made to the design.