Small, nice looking, throwy and cheap q5 zoomie?

I ordered my primary bike-light with the great help rom this forum, and now I want to buy something (maybe from ebay because it'll probably arrive more quickly than from dx), 1 maybe to lights (maybe different ones), for some low price of max 10USD or lower. Not prmarily for a bicycle light (although maybe I/ll put it sometimes n the bike because I've ordered few different mounts), maybe for gift(s) also etc.

What I want:
good looking (but i dont prefer gray colour)
so throw more important than flood (for show-off etc :D)
< cca 10USD
multimode is a preference but not a condition...

I havent still decided do I want 1X AA/14500 combination or the one which receives 18650.
Im much more inclined to first solution for this light because these are easy accesible, not complicated, and I'll probably buy NiMh AA + charger set. (18650 wold be more compatible with the batteries I already ordered, i dont have 14500 batteries nor charger and I dont intend to buyy it for now, but AA combination is more suitable for gifts and overall this batteries are more available - and my night bike rides are not very long)

SO, what would you recomend me?

I was thinking about those ones there was some talk about them at this forum. I just dont know how attractive they are, and they are not multimode, which is a preference but not a "must".
Maybe this for 18650 (bu I see this is not a zoomie, and I dont know doest it have bigger throw than some zoomie. Zoomie to me seems a lot more versatile for the same price and cheaper...) (and later I see people praise it as a good bicycle light. I dont know... Maybe it'll be best to buy both :D seriously...)??

This nice stainless steel one is on discount but out of my price line.

This one is really cheap and receives 2 (TWO) kinds of battery that are acccesible to me...

SMiling shark lights, few models, also cheap
I dont know, there are really lot of choices.

And one more side question. Are cheap AA NiMh batteries and chargers from ebay (for example USB charger for AA) somewhat more secure than Li-ion things?

The first ebay link to the Sipik SK68 clone (AA or 14500) is the one I'd suggest you get. Most folks around here have one and it delivers the best WOW factor to non-flashaholics. Your friends and family will be impressed.

What interested me most though was your last link to the Smiling Shark light. That appears to be a slightly scaled up version of the SK68, with modes, a better tailcap and using a 18650. That will be of real interest to folks around here because the main drawback of the SK68 was short runtime due to the cell used and no low mode. This apparently new version sorts all that at the cost of just a little extra bulk (almost of which seems to result from the longer tailcap).

I saw that Smiling Shark light and had to have it. Damn you!! ;) Bought it but can't tell you what shipping is. Near as I can tell it was free. I got all the paypal info from them but there was nothing about shipping cost. First time I've ever ordered from them so we'll see what happens. I've heard it really isn't much to the US - $2 to $3 is what I've heard form others.

Does anyone know of a light like the first one listed (AA, one mode) without the sharp bezel? I'd like something like this with a completely smooth bezel. One mode is better than multi-mode to me for this particular light. I'll only be using it for spot mode.

That’s just an 18650 sized Li-Ion cell. You can get the cells and a charger at Manafont or anywhere else really. Here are a couple links:

Trustfire Protected 18650's

Trustfire Universal Charger

Simple universal charger

s.henzhen-wholesale is going to cost you about 4 to 5$ per light shipping .. it's a fun place to browse but make sure you do not look at prices .. the place is virtually unbuyable..<< is that a word ?everything bought there will translate into about the same as you can buy it from manafont or DX or others .. like I said foget the price .. or add 5$ a light to be on the safe side .

Smiling shark is also one of the cheapest of all flashlights made ..They have zero reccognition for anything else buy junk might want to look at the thread which discusses the mxdl fake 68/vs. the better sipik 68 zoomie .or thr tmart c8 vs. the bad tmart c8.. china knows how to copy stuff .. they also know how to take a product that works pertty well and make it worse and worse and cheaper and cheaper to produce until it's pure junk ..My advice is to stay away from anything and everything on Ebay unless it has a stamp of approval from members of the cheap light forum . if you want to stay under 10$ you either need good advice ... or you're a guinie pig and a large percentage of the time will buy trash and be unhappy . the only upside of being a pure noob is everything is shiny and light comes out the front ..whee..

Gorann, I would avoid any 3xAAA lights. Together they are only as strong as a good AA single cell and an 18650 won't fit. You could put a sleeve around a 14500 Li-Ion cell to use it is as the 3xAAA adapters are the same length as a AA sized cell. Why would you want to do that though?

Stick with either an AA/14500 or 18650 sized torch.

i hate to slow you down when you’re excited and ready to buy ,buy ,buy … but if you’re asking for peoples help let me point out a few flaws … the owner of this site hates this company with a passion and suggests you throw your money into the sewer before buying from what is commonly refered to as ..Neverbuying..check out the link ..

I personally suggest never buying from Ebay unless it's an item that is hugely reviewed by members here .. my experiance on ebay is about 40/60 and i feel lucky at that .

never buy batteries on ebay

never buy cheap batteries or a garbage charger ... unless you want to go back later and rebuy a decent one a second time .. if you are gonna run AA's buy eneloops or low self discharge batteries.

don't buy cheap 18650's..again never off ebay unless they are Hi max .. only guy who sells them ..

you sound like a candidate for the tank 737 to me <<<THIS is the only one i'd suggest .. the only one i know is a damn good light.

I'm not a small sun fan the threads are junky and everything just feels cheap I think this same light on Dx is a dollar cheaper too ..

my real advice is to spend a lot more time her looking and take your finger off the trigger .. there are a million lights out there .read the forum and you'll get an idea what everyone likes and what's bad .

2 great lights cheap as can be satinless steel ..AA and AAA

Q3 or Q5 on very budget light are not a big difference... You can have a well driven Q3 brighter than an underdriven Q5. You have also to consider that many seller say Q5 but the emitter is a Q3. Are almost impossible to distinguish.

If you want a flood to throw (FTT) really cheap you can visit UltraOk. It has a lot of FTT flashlight.

You can see an example here.

From UltraOk i buy this (a copy of X2000 or C30) to use it for some "experiment" and i have to admit that is a good light. it can use 3aaa or 18650 (with extension ring) and it has also a holster.

Obviously are all REALLY cheap light so don't expect HAIII anodization or high quality glass lens but they are ok.

More importantly, just because they claim it's a Q5 doesn't mean it is.

Get the c78 from lightake (not from DX, etc), I guarantee you'll like it.