Small Sun ZY-T08 LED Tourch modding help needed


I have just brought 2 of them after reading about them on the forum and also they were on sale :slight_smile:
I have read about resister mods, driver mods etc.

as I am new to the world of led tourch mods and some of the terms used and prices are brands of drivers were not clear to.

with the resistor mods they did not say what values they used and resistor size.

I am still waiting no delivery and wanted to get the parts before they come.

I just wanted to mod it to about close to 1000lms,

please can you know what is the best way to do it…

Got pics of the driver?

Here's a pic of the resistor a member from Sweden sent me. It will give you the boost that you are looking for. The band colors are from left to right , Black, Red, Red, Silver, Brown. Hope this helps.

Not got the 2 torches yet and will upload when I get them, may be delivered in a few weeks. I thought all the drivers in the model were the same.

I was doing to try adding a extra 1 to 2x 0.22ohm resistors in parallel with the 3 small smd resistors.
are you sure the picture is correct as it shows a 200ohms, as I thought the smaller the value of the sense resistor the higher the current.

According to chart, the 5 band resistor I referenced is .22 ohm.

0 2 2 x .01 =.22 + or - 1%

Hi ledcoder, welcome to BLF!!

There is a good photo of the driver in this review by Relic38.


sorry my error.

Thanks for the explanation of five band resistor codes. I read that wrong too.

Will try the resistor and larger wire mod and report back when I get them torches.

if there is any other quick and cheap mod to do them let me know…
don’t care about the modes and low have high will do.

The newer ZY-T08s are coming with a different driver than that one, but the principle is the same. If I remember correctly, there is now 4 sense resistors--I think they are 1 ohm each, but I'll have to check to be sure. It is still just a DD driver with PWM control, so it is pretty safe to lower the resistance level until you get to where you want to be.

Thanks will let you know when they come.

also is the Cree XM-L2 U3 a good upgrade for the light and also what tint do you recommend?
also what is the best place to buy one and to make sure its genuine too.



Sorry about the late update as it took a few months for them to come and did not have the time to do them mod until now.
done the wire mod and added 2 resisters and output is not much or any improvement over the stock torch.
picture of the driver is attached and its fitted with aluminium reflector.

by looking at the picture now many have fitted the wrong resistors

just brought some q-lite drivers and was wondering is it worth using 2 of them for about 6a to the LED.

I can’t see why not. But You are not going to hit 6A for sure. Without major modification (braided springs, another switch, pill-body contact, pill-driver contact, improved heatsinking) don’t expect much.

He’s going to have to tinker with the driver (which he’s committed to), but heatsinking shouldn’t be a horrible issue with this host.
Relic38 (and probably others) have dropped MT-G2’s into the same host at 4.5a (6v part makes this ~30w)

it did not want to take it that far and what to keep the XM-L/2.
reading the forums made me think I needed more little even when I don’t need it J)

so far I have done is:

  1. put a copper plate behind the LED (which also moves it closer to the reflector)
  2. q-lite driver 3.04a version (can see a improvement in light output and colour)

what I was doing to do

  1. copper insert in the pill
  2. wrap the q-lite drivers in copper
  3. many be a XM-L2 upgrade on copper, please recommend if better and colour bin.
  4. braided springs
  5. 2x q-lite 3.04a driver - slave/master setup

just got me question do I need a new switch and if so what type?
also do you think its to much power or should I go with less AMC7135 on the drivers?

Nice plan, I wish I could do a copper pill insert on a couple of my lights

I saw the work M4D M4X did on his XinTD x3, and had drill press envy.

was going to use common available parts to it will be easy for everyone to do and will see how it goes.
can send picture if you want and will take a week or so to get the parts needed.

also waiting on 2x Panasonic NCR18650B

also what do think CREE XM-L2 U3-1A on copper SINKPAD or Copper Noctigon?

I’d say whatever XML2 or XPL but on 26mm Maxtoch mcpcb would be better for clearence of the reflector.

Led tint is a personal preference thing. Cooler LEDs have higher lumen output since they have less layering to get to white. Neutral and warm tints overlay the die with more phosphors to change the tint and this has a negative effect on lumens so it comes down to where on the spectrum you find the light pleasing and the output satisfactory. For white I like 1D but I prefer a hint of rose over a hint of green.