Small Sun ZY-T08 MT-G2 build with Texas Avenger driver (Pic heavy)

I wanted to build an MT-G2 light from my Small Sun but I don’t want to direct drive or piggyback some driver in the huge cavity. Instead of this I asked Texas Ace to design a TA driver specially for the ZY-T08. Big thanks for him! :THUMBS-UP:
Firstly I builded the driver:

Because I thought there will be a lot of heat, I found a 10mm thick copper plate on the shelf so need to make it round to fit in the pill.

I don’t have access to a lathe so it was hard work :slight_smile:

And it fit:

But I thought I can fit in another one above this so made another circle from the left copper and soldered them together:

Then cutted out the top shelf of the pill to put the led star directly on the copper.

Then glued in the copper with thermal compound. It was a tight fit.
And after that I modified the switch board to put in batteries in series instead of stock parallel. Cutted the trace between springs and the switch to the body contact. And made some holes to solder some wires from spring to switch through the board.

Made the hole bigger in reflector to fit the MT-G2. I used 18 AWG wires to the led so I put kapton tape to the bottom of reflector to avoid shorts and not to hurt led.

Made solder blobs for battery contact. Even work with flat tops.

Driver and led:

Soldered in:

Made some polarity markings to not mess up:

No electrical contact here so lot of thermal paste used here:

Everything in the place:

The edge of head lifted the batteries from contact so I done a little work here.

And it works:

Conrtol shot:

High with 7x7135 and 2.5A current:

Turbo with Fet and I measured 11.9 A without battery tube but the 22AWG wires probably lower this in the springs so I will later measure it at switch:

Nice beams:

Measured numbers:
Output: 4830 lumens
Intensity: 62 Kcd
Throw: 498m

I enjoyed the thread very much! Thanks for sharing. Amazes me you could get the copper rounded :stuck_out_tongue: And since it was so easy, you did a second one! Must be exciting to turn on the finished product for the 1st time.

Sure it was! First time I only put on two battery with my hand and connected them with a wire. Then put them in the tube and nothing happened. That is when I realized the edge of head pushed down the batteries :frowning:
But 5 minutes dremeling and then worked fine.
The hard thing was soldering the copper pieces together. I have a video about that. When paste melted between coppers the top one sliding on the bottom one like it was on super slippery ice. It almost fell down when I removed from the hot plate.

:smiley: that’s funny! I know exactly what fun it is to try and reflow two chunks of copper like that. I wasn’t prepared for it so there was a lot of excitement for about 10-20sec or so:) now I clamp them together and use a torch!

Very fun build. I love when people think “the more copper, the better!” :slight_smile:

Looking really good!!

Nice work Zozz. :+1:

Nice Job,it would be nice to be able to build your own light and then “see” it all come together w/ an awesome light saber!

Thank you very much!

Sweet! You can also cut a strip from an aluminum can and wire that around the two copper pieces to keep them aligned. The solder won’t stick to the aluminum.

Nice work :+1:

Soldering the coppers together: