small work light

I really like this 2108 - Rover magnetic flood light.

However, I REALLY wish it ran on a single 18650 instead of 2 AAs.

The light quality is really quite good. I’m guessing 90CRI and 4000k.

Does anyone know of anything similar?

I was thinking that I could probably design something and resin 3d print most of the parts…. and maybe even reuse the guts from the Milwaukee light.

…but dunno if they’re still made.

I got 2 of ’em, very handy.

Decided to buy a Skillhunt H04 mini RC high-CRI.

I saw a post suggesting it and now I can’t find it again to thank whoever recommended it.

It isn’t exactly what I wanted but I bet it will work if I can make a magnetic clamp for it.

Get one of those headbands with the 2 rubber loops, and pop the holder off the bands. Get a sticky fridge-magnet, and put it on the flat side. Instant universal magnetic clamp.

Played with the H04 some tonight. I really like it.

I think my only gripe is that I wish it came with the 18650 tube.

In a few hours, there is a sale starting on AE with the H04RC coming in at 41.64 USD. Non RC version at 36.83. M200 is 35.41.

Guess who is finally breaking down and getting a few skilhunt’s tonight.

I wonder if that widget in the baggie was the magnet…

The head harness doesn’t come “assembled” and it took me a few minutes to figure out how to “assemble” it.

Thing in the baggie is a little circle of rubber sheet and it seems the tailcap comes with a magnet in it.


That is the way I understand it to be. Magnet is pre-installed and a spacer is supplied if you want to remove it.

Used the headlamp a few times and I think my only complaint is that I really wish it came with a tube or something so I could use an 18650. Most of the time, I don’t need that kind of runtime but I can definitely see times where I’ll wish I had it.

That said, the short tube feels glued or something.

I remember one time when I needed a good bright headlamp that could do 10hours several years ago. More conventional lights weren’t a real option since there was nasty water everywhere and someone probably would have been electrocuted. Then again, I don’t think any light on the market back then could output 100+lm for 10hours on a single charge.

I suspect a 21700 right angle light with a similar beam is something I’ll want next.