Smaller SBT-90.2 light with Anduril - Anything on the horizon?

The Amutorch XT45 and the Nightwatch NI40 seem to have a good form factor and great beam for an easy carry SBT 90.2 light but considering the LED premium I would really prefer a side button, Anduril light of similar size.

Anyone heard of anything?

Noctigon K1 with SBT90 or Astrolux FT03s
I would recommend the Noctigon, better quality.

FW21 Pro X9L will have anduril but it’s a rear switch.

Thanks TH558, that FW21 Pro X9L looks really nice, the only place I could find an image is on M4D M4X FB site.

FW21 Pro X9L

That light looks to be a great wide beam pocket thrower, I might think about buying one even with the rear switch. It’s near EDC size so it might be interesting to carry it for multi purpose with a circle of DC-fix on the lens with a small tab for easy removal and application.

If nothing comes out soon with a SBT-90.2 and a side switch near that size then the X9L looks like the ticket.

Any idea when it’s coming out? Searched around and couldn’t find anything.

Have no idea. Found it on neals page.

just ordered the fw21 pro, cannot wit for this. I do not have a sbt90 light yet.

Although…. Skylumen has the thrunite t10 14500 light made into a sbt90 light. I have the original 500lm t10, and REALLY want Vin’s hotrodded version, but the price is… a little sharp… still looks awesome though. it pushes 2300lm too! if only for a blink of an eye

Neals Gadgets has the Lumintop X9L for sale.

Had to buy it - it looks awesome!

Wanted ro say Lumintop X9L but when i saw price of 109$ i’ve changed my mind.

better buy Noctigon KR1 and SBT90.2 and merge them.

At least you will have the best driver for this emitter, CC over FET

Vinh (Skylumen) has a winner: Noctigon KR1vn SBT-90.2, 5000 lm and 110 kcd!

It has Anduril, it even comes with a 18350 tube, and ice blue trit in the tail cap. However, it does not have a side switch.

And cost even more than better throwing FW21... 120$????? For what????

Noctigon KR1 is a good host. FW21 is bigger, and it does not come with a trit or a 18350 tube.

The price isn’t too bad considering it is a custom flashlight modded by Vinh, and that he will de-lens the LED for you. Keep in mind you would pay $64.77 just to buy a KR1 with trit and 18350 tube from Hank, and SBT-90.2 LED costs at least $35. That’s $100 total. You are paying $20 for the mod.

29% off coupon for X9L and copper FW21 Pro Neals Flashlight, Battery and Knife Club | Facebook

Don’t know if I’m meant to posting this here…Code: NDX9P

49$ without 18350 tube (seriously, you wanna run 90.2 on 18350??) and trit alone is 3.50$, SBT90.2 is 32$.

TOTAL=85ish bucks

For remaining money buy soldering station on AX and watch youtube tutorial how to solder things...

Delensing SBT90.2 is a 1min job, get a hairdryer and hold it for a min over the lens then just peel off the dome.

Is it really that easy? Can you do it with the LED still in the light?

Yes it is. I was surprised too when i have discovered by accident. Since then i have done it on all 3 of my flashlights. Not much bonding strength in that glue

What are the gains of de-lesding? Has anyone measured?

It shows up 3 days after I bought KR1vn….

Neal was working on creating Loneocean drivers for the FW series. I wonder if this X9L will be using Loneocean’s drivers or the standard lumintop FET drivers

Good to know, thanks! I didn’t know it was that easy.