SmallSun ZY-C3 how good a thrower !

Hi all , Im considering purchasing the SmallSun ZY-C3 , am interested in build quality throw ability

and most of all this mod

I want to know how good a thrower it is , I want something that can reach out atleast 100 yrds or more , it wont be mounting it on a rifle , the modes dont bother me the only thing I would prefer is a forward clicky . I came across mention of this mod by agenthex

If you want max throw for least price, buy this: unscrew the bezel and put this in front of it: Nothing close to $20 will throw better.

apon further research and corespondence with agenthex I found the following links to same mod using different sized optic heres the translated link

this modd requires about a 1mm grind of circumfrence of lens so that it will seat into the head an allow bezel to be screwed on , so a nice finish , but the focal piont will be wrong so the led has to be lifted more toward the head to get correct focus using spacer ect

Youtube video of the SmallSun ZY-C3 modded with the "42.86*14.3mm Lens from KD

Lens used in that mod here

42.86*14.3mm Lens SKU: S008248


the mod that agenthex mentioned uses a 49.60*18.45 mm Lens this one here

, yes this is a slightly different lens than he mentions above ,according to agenthex the focal point is spoton by coincidence but its a more ugle mod shall I say as you remove the bezel and lens and glue the domed lens straight to the head . agenthex has helped me with researching this so I say thankyou I really appreciate his advice , but I would like to get the veiws of anybody else who has the SmallSun ZY-C3 and has done this mod . I dont wanna mess it up ording the wrong lens ect and I would like to do the mod with the nicest finish ie lens properly fitted any suggestions appreciated , I would like to see some Outdoors beam shots of the ZY-37 if anyone can be bothered that would be of great benifit

Hi spottie,

I have both the Smallsun ZY-C3 and SKYRAY 1JC8 from DX. Both are great throwers and about the same price. Both are similar in size with the ZY-C3 having a deeper reflector. I thought it would be a better thrower, but to my eye, they seemed pretty similar. The beam on the 1J8 is much cleaner and I have since modded it to an XM-L. It is now my favorite XM-L light and probably best 18650 sized thrower (better than P60 dropin lights). I think the machining and overall finish is better on the 1J8, plus it came with an aluminum reflector (ZY-C3 was cheap plastic) and double O-rings on the end.

Adding an aspheric would certainly improve throw, but since I don't have either modded that way, I can't comment on how they would compare.

thanks for comments and links I took a look at that 1JC8 but it visually aint my cuppatea , the video reviews on DX show a somewhat ringy dirty beam on the ZY-C3 and doesnt look to impessive , but again I cant tell when people make indoor vids shining at a white wall 2ft away doesnt do it any favors .

I have the 1JC8 and it's not as a good of a thrower as the MRV's or C8's. The hotspot is larger by about 50-100%. Even within the MRV/C8 family (which share the same reflector), there are better and worse because even a small (like <1mm) difference in focus results in significant change in throw and chinese lights aren't exactly big on precision build quality. I don't have the 40mm lens or it'd be interesting to try them on that light to see if focus is right. The 50mm's don't work on the MRV's (too short reflector).

I think there was another member (ezdb?) that has done this mod and hopefully sees this to share his experience.

The ZY-C3 white wall shot is ringy, and I found that the plastic reflector does bulge if screwed down too tight. I've ordered two different 42 mm aluminum reflectors from Manafont and one of those seems to fit nicely. I am going to mate it with an XM-L as I did with the 1JC8. I am surprised who don't care for the aesthetics of the 1JC8 - I found it to be very nice and clean, but to each there own I guess !