Smart charger for 4x18650 battery's

Hey guys this is going to be my first 4x18650 flashlight and I need a charger to charge the 4 cells and the cells are the 3100mah Callie’s customs

Any help on what is the best charger to buy thanks for the help

Sysmax Intellicharge i4 v2

Make sure to get the V2

Best for price vs performance.

Found anywhere for around $25.


I dont know what is the best, but I know at least 2 that can charge 4x at the same time…

You have this one, but it charges at 500mA each battery, no matter how many you have installed for charging…

Also you have the intellicharge I4, which can charge (if I am not wrong) at 1A per battery, but I am not sure if if you put 4 at the same time it can charge at 1A or less

The TR003 is a bit cheaper…

I can´t remember more, sorry :stuck_out_tongue:

worry free - nitecore/sysmax intellicharge i4


Does not have to be cheap I just want a good charger that has protection and shut off when they are done charging ect….

I agree on the Intellicharger i4, very versatile but it is slower charging 4 at once. Another to consider:

I'd be surprised if you go with anything other than the Intellicharge i4 v2. The charge rate is 750mA, however 750mA gets split in half and divided between the channels (channel 1 being slots 1&3 and channel 2 being slots 2&4 - so with 4 cells loaded, they'd each be charging at 375mA. Rather long to charge 4 cells (i.e. rated 11 hours for 4 cells). See comments here.


Thanks for that info, Garry. I knew it was slow with multiple cells in it, now I know why. I have tried charging 26650 cells in the i4, can take all day - literally. I now use a single bay Xtar USB charger for my 26650's - takes 1/3 of the time. The Xtar WP6 II is a good charger and while it is a bit more expensive, I believe it charges at 1200mA per channel in series of two, so 2 cells (or 4, or 6) would charge at 600mA. Correct me if I'm wrong but I think it would cut charge time to under 6 hours. Something to consider.

Is there a faster charger than that lol I’m better off buying 2 double chargers

Nitro, If I am not wrong, the TrustFire charger that I wrote above, charges 4x at 500mA each (if I am nor wrong) no matter how many you have inserted…

I dont know any other with 1A charging current while charging 4x batts

And yes, you can buy 2x dual bay chargers such as TR001 or others

That's what I'm thinking.

EDIT - Wait, what about a hobby charger? Is that an option? Might give you additional options such as discharging, proper balance charging, etc. . .


Yea I can go with a hobby charger but what kind I see a lot of choices ???

How about 2 i2 chargers?

For a dual channel charger the Xtar SP2 is very good.

Both i4 and WP6 are slow with four batteries.

I might have more to say about i2 next week.

As far as a Hobby charger goes, you'd have to search around and get input from others as I don't have one nor do I know anything about them. (Though I'm starting to consider one for discharge tests.) Seems the Turnigy Accucel-6 is well liked around here for a cheap one.


Thanks ill have to search after work


The Soshine charger, 4 slots 4A, 1amp each slot:

This would charge your batteries in about 3 hours…

The charge time will be closer to 4 hours.

Still faster than 11 hours :wink: Can even charge the batteries in the car during a drive to get enough juice in them to power the torch much longer than with a late I4 charger