Smith & Wesson M&P

Poking around Amazon saw this light. 12,500 lumen. Haven’t seen it mentioned before. Surely a rebrand?


Possibly. Buy Nitecore, Thrunite much better.

that thing is overpriced out the Wazooo……Q8 makes more sense. Even Sofirn’s version Q8 much better.

S&W…hahahahhahahahhh….snake oil.

Yes it seems high priced even with cells and charger included. Just curious if anyone knew who/where originated. I did notice it was sold by Amazon, not a third party.

Seems to have electronic battery meter and looks the part. Just wonder if it is actually a quality (if overpriced) light, and who really manufactured it.

I’m also curious about the manufacturer. I’ve been searching quad Cree XHP70.2 and can’t find anything close.

12,500 lumens for 2 hours on high! Lol, nice play on words :laughing: . More like 2 hour run time on high with a max output on turbo 2 of 12,500 lumens. Interesting find, popcan light entering mainstream finally

Only $263?! But wait, there’s more…

Has some interesting features though. Note the LED battery meter and rubber grip. I’m not sure this is a rebrand. Maybe they designed the light in-house.

At $263 it seems massively overpriced though.

Nice looking soda can light for collection. BUT the rubber grip will be problem. Heat will melt with than many lumens running for 2 plus hours non stop,

You’re paying for a name with that light. Unless your a hardcore S&W collector and want it to put with your collection of firearms, it’s extremely overpriced. But, as with ever firearm manufacturer, there are people that will buy it just because of the name.

Worst part is I know quite a few guys who will blindly believe that this thing will run 2 hours at full power at the bogus rating and will plop the money down for this……………………fine flashlight.
Mullets are born everyday and drink the juice.
“But it’s a S&W and it was sold at the Gun Show so it must be legit”
big time was had by all at the circle jerk.

Plenty of plastics/rubbers can handle that much heat.

Ever cooked a turkey in one of those “oven bags”? Thin as paper and sits in the oven for hours.

But really… “NIGHT TERROR”??? Probably great marketing considering most of the awful, overpriced crap in the tactical market that succeeds because of stuff like that but still cringey.

You’re probably right in this light. However I’ve got this suppressor cover and it’s rated for over 1000 F. Feel is some where between silicone and hard rubber. I personally prefer the grippy feel and understand the loss of heat bleeding. Over all it’s trade off I’d make for a flashlight I don’t want to drop.

Maybe it’s wrapped in a Goodyear or a Hoosier certified drag racing rubber. Would explain some of the cost and ability to handle heat. May get sticky. :person_facepalming:
I shouldn’t be that way. I would like to see it in action compared to other lights in its class.

Here ya’ go. You can jump right on the entire S & W Flashlight Lineup

And as far as the one mentioned in the OP…. HERE IT IS

M&P® Night Terror Flashlight

SKU 1081078

Live fearlessly with the M&P® Night Terror 12,500 Lumen Flashlight. Its anodized, aerospace aluminum, bold design has a rechargeable light with multi-mode functions and a digital power level ON/OFF display. On a single battery charge this flashlight gives you multiple hours of intense light including a LOCKOUT feature to help maximize your battery life. With a rubber textured grip and ¼”–20 threads this full-size flashlight fits perfectly in your hand or mounted securely on your bipod/tripod. It comes with an AC wall charger and a car charger granting you access to its powerful beam while you are out and about or on-the-go.



And for those who can’t live without ‘on board charging’, your in luck; this beauty has it!!

It is a M&P version ya’ know…. Military & Police. :person_facepalming:

What a rip off……:person_facepalming:

:smiley: . :smiley: . :wink:

And here is more from their data sheet. Very curious who the maker is.

Additional Info

Country of Manufacture China
MPN 1081078
UPC / EAN 661120412632
Product Brand Smith and Wesson
Product Length (Inches) 5.91
Product Width (Inches) No
Product Height (Inches) No
Product Diameter (Inches) No
Product Head Diameter (Inches) 2.52
Product Body Diameter (Inches) No
Primary Color Black
Packaging Clam Shell
Files No
Flashlight Type Search
Output Modes 3+ Brightness Levels, Strobe
Output Lumens on High 12000
Power Source (qty) 4 x 18650
Shipping Weight (Pounds) 1.57
Dimension Length 14
Dimension Width 7.5
Dimension Height 2.3

Yeah, I’m curious too. On Amazon it says “Battenfeld Technologies” …… whoever that is.

Product information

  • Package Dimensions……… 9.2 x 5.3 x 3 inches
  • Item Weight……………………. 1.43 pounds
  • Shipping Weight……………… 2.01 pounds
  • Manufacturer………………… Battenfeld Technologies
  • ASIN……………………………… B07799644R
  • Manufacturer reference…… 1081078
  • Batteries………………………… 4 Lithium ion batteries required. (included)
  • Best Sellers Rank…………… 1324442
  • Date first listed on Amazon January 23, 2018

Edit: I found This on Battenfeld Technologies , but have no idea if they are the ones. Maybe they have them made in China by another company or a subsidiary. Beats me though.

I like the looks of it :slight_smile:

That M&P Night Terror is a decent flashlight. I don’t know why it’s still advertised at that price though. Was $129 when I got it. Too big for EDC but makes a decent lamp when attached to a tripod. I tried carrying it on my belt in a surplus grenade pouch. Didn’t lock the controls and it melted the nylon webbing. At $300 it’s not a good deal. At $129 it’s not great either. There’s far more versatile options out there for less. Unless you need a tripod mounted light or something similar I’d look elsewhere