Snowy River Beamshots (Some throwers: BTU Shocker, Thrunite TN31, etc.)

The weather was finally (almost) suitable for beamshots, so I headed to a river nearby and took some throwers with me.

All photos are 1/2s, f/4, ISO200, WB:5000K

Distance to the house is about 100m, all lights targeted to the upper right corner of the house.

So, without more talking, straight to the photos..

Control shot:

"Standard" light for reference: XinTD C8 v3 NW

Small Sun ZY-T08:

Skyray King NW:

Fandyfire STL-V6 de-domed:

Thrunite TN31

BTU Shocker NW

Trustfire X6 with de-domed XM-L U3 w. copper pcb:

Mouseovers by request.. ;)

Hope you enjoyed these beamshots.

Reserved for mouseovers

Excellent work, thanks for posting, _the_!

Brrrr, that looks cold. Winter hasn't really arrive yet here.

Looks like I may have to get the Shocker after all.Absolutely love the pictures esp. the location.

Great shots, thanks, very useful as just ordered a Fandyfire UV-S5, same as SkyRay King ?

Because of your post formatting and accurate picture labeling, I just opened the page in firefox’s page info-media option and flipped up and down through the pics back ’n forth… no need for mouseovers for me :slight_smile:

BTU shocker all the way!

AND… thank you for such beautiful beamshots!

Nice pics!

Thanks, the location looks kinda creepy. That is a lot of snow already. Ewww.

Mouse out TN31 Mouse over BTU

Mouse Out King, Mouse over BTU

Mouse out TN31 Mouse Over King.

The pictures are great fun to look at (makes me feel warm sitting here) and informative too!

That TF is a monster!

Thanks :smiley:

Thanks _the_. It helps put things in perspective. It looks a lovely place where your pictures are taken, if not just a little cold. Are you standing on a roof?

Mouse over of TN31 Vs. X6 please!

Thanks for the beamshots!

Modified X6 looks like it will throw really nice.

BTU looks to have similar "output" as TK-70. Both are impressive, but a little to big/heavy to carry around for me.

I made a hotspot mouseover between unmodified TN-31 and BTU. Mouse over for tn31.

X6 v/s TN31

Mouse out for TN31

Boom! Thanks for the shots, the. Apparently the BTU Shocker rocks the TN31 in terms of spill/peripheral visibility, and the tint looks great from here 8)

Thanks for the museover Scaru, seems the dedomed X6 out throws the TN31, amazing!

How hard is the X6 being driven?

IIRC, the XM-L is getting something like 8 amps.

Thanks for the shots. My BTU will be here first of the week. It’s a U2 version. Anyway your shots give me a little teaser of what I’ll be enjoying soon.

Thanks for the beamshots & I must have BTU Shocker!

stl-v2 dedomed, tn31