So is the Manker MK34 good? Trying to pick a Christmas present. You’ve got neutral white option as well. These things are seemingly pretty well made too.

I’m waiting for the review/specs of the MK34 219c to come out before buying it. I’m actually hoping it’s the D320 version…brighter.

This Manker item has very distinguishing nifty looks, but what I like better about the Meteor M43 is that it is fully fueled with four cells for its head diameter.

The MK34 has a slimmer body diameter due to one less cell, but head diameter is not much smaller. If the MK34 had one more cell and kept its current head diameter, it would have more juice and only a little bit more body diameter, thus providing more performance for its head diameter classification.

Bottom line is what do you like. I like both, but I have not added the Manker to my collection yet.

Gah, I just found a review on The individual pointed out that the flat spots on the body are severely misaligned with the head. No bueno if that’s true.

Also complaints about the light being really picky with cell length.

That is an intrinsic problem of the design; an asymmetric body can never be perfectly aligned using threads. Yep, that was another gripe that the Noctigon does not have… Sanyo GA (raised tops) seems to be the only cells guaranteed to fit well. Some other cells might fit too, but it’s going to be tricky.

Strange, my MM15vn always manages to align the body with the head at the exact same spot each time, but I just now noticed that the flats in the MM15 body don’t line up with anything. At least the V54 isn’t off-center.

I actually never thought about it before it was mentioned here, but my MK34 lines up pretty well all on it’s own. Shows pretty accurate machining I guess.

It’s true that the MK34 doesn’t like long cells, I’ve used 25R (button top) and GA (plain works fine with the polarity protection ring in the MK34) in mine.

Hank did custom LED reflows for some people on the M43, you might hit him up for that.

Alignment of MK34:

Selfbuilt 1 min 45 sec, slight mismatch: Manker MK34 (12x XP-G3, 3x18650) flashlight review, by selfbuilt - YouTube
Goinggear, different alignment :Manker MK34 8000 Lumen Flashlight Extended Review - YouTube

I find it tricky, and simply not an elegant design/engineering solution.

I almost hate to say this, but the light I said to myself that I wasn’t going to get - the Convoy L6, is looking more and more appealing, especially for the price.

L6 has also a great throw for that amount of lumens. You can resistor mod it (with R120 or R140) for a bit better performance .

Yeah, but I don’t like throwers, flooders are more my thing. However, after looking at Advanced Knife Bro’s video on the L6, it’s not a virtual laser pointer, the hotspot is really big with the OP reflector. :slight_smile:

What’s the reason you were not going to get it? I can also highly recommend the L6, especially the black version.

I don’t like throwers so much is all. I get the appeal, but the few pencil-beam throwers I have are useless in a practical sense. The massive output flooders make non-flashlight people say, “Oooooh! That’s bright!” :smiley:

Wait .

I didn’t said it’s a thrower :wink: I said it has some throw too .

Well I prefer flood lights these days; they’re just more useful in my opinion. Good stuff for close range, and much more compact than throwers or L6. The L6 is not a dedicated thrower, but I don’t find it appealing for close range use. You really need distance to make this light shine. But for the money… pfff… it’s a must have.

True, for the cost of a MK34 I can get that and either the EC11 or H1 Nova that I was wanting, and batteries for both… :slight_smile:

H1 nova seems very compact , it’s in my list too …

So which would you get, the H1 Nova or the EC11? I’ve seen the H1 for $45, and the EC11 for $40. I have an S1 and love it, BTW.

I would get H1 , or wait for a “new EC11” .