So is the Manker MK34 good? Trying to pick a Christmas present.

I’m wanting to get a Christmas present for myself, a silly-bright flooder for somewhere around $80-$140. I really like the Coke can format, but some of the single XHP70, single 26650s are nice too. Too bad Acebeam is the only light like that with moonlight mode, and their MAP tactics aren’t good. I’d get the “Clarus” group buy light as it’s nice, but it’s lowest is 15 lumen. I’d like sub-lumen if possible.

I read some of the reviews that came up a while ago about the Manker MK34 but not much talk recently. How is it? It supposedly has a 0.1 lumen lowest mode. I’d grab an Olight X7, but I already have a Haikelite MT03 on the way.

Personally, I like the looks and shape of the MK34 over the Noctigon M43. REALLY strong anti-roll and 3x 18650s are easier on the hand than 4x 18650s, but the Meteor is rather legendary, and now it’s the same cost just about.

So what do ya’ll think?

I dont know anything about this light, but if you wait to long another variable will be added to your decision making process. That would be another cool looking flashlight. Just my 2cents GOODLUCK

It looks cool but for the same money a lot highly interesting lights can be bought.
I do not like the R50 (it is a nice small flooder of good quality) but reviews say it is good.
I would choos one of thse for sure:

better cooling and they actually listened to BLF input.

Isn’t this Manker sort of close in output and beam style to the MT03 you say you are getting?

Heh, I bought the MT03 during the Haikelite group buy.
I’d honestly get another MT03 if it were reprogrammable for sub-lumen mode. And if someone asks why sublumen in an 8000 lumen light? Versatility.

It is, but it achieves the same results in a different way. The head is definitely different, and it has a very uncommon side-by-side 3x cell arrangement. Most Coke can lights are 4x 18650.

I mean, I have an MM15vn already and a few SRKs. The MK34 is just a bit different enough to make me say, “Huh, neat.” :slight_smile:

Well to clarify I anot going to buy either one of them but IF I wanted to it would either be a real Meteor or the MT03

Just got a Meteor yesterday, did not like the UI at all at first but really starting to like love it now.
I decided between the M43 and MK34.

Get a meteor , you won’t regret it …

My biggest gripe with the Manker is that max output is one big unknown variable. Selfbuilt got really close with 7500 lumens for the XP-G3 version, whereas other people have measured around 3000~4000 lumens for the Nichia version, although it is listed at 6500 lumens… It seems to be a really nice light though. But I’m a Noctigon guy anyway.

I tell ya, if the M43 were still available in XP-L, I’d have gotten it already. As is, I’d have to spend $60 extra and that’s reflowing it myself. RMM offered to do it a year ago, but a Vinh light came up for sale and I had to jump on it.

I’m also not happy about missing a used X60Mvn coming up for sale on CPF. $200, me I’d have bought it in a heartbeat.

edit - I’m also not happy about missing RMM’s Mega M6 for sale. :frowning:

He does have a bunch of regular M6 lights in stock. Perhaps the Mega M6 is a custom order these days. Just pm him I’d say.

I have them both (M43 and MK34) with 5000K 219B Nichias

I would recommend the MK34 for: better looks, easier handling (it fits better in the hand) and much better UI.

Build quality, beams (very wide) and max output (4000-4500 lumens) are almost identical.

One little advantage is that the Moonlight-level on the MK34 can be adjusted (via the UI) from 0.1 to 30 lumens.

hlKARInoob - PMed him just as you typed through his storefront. Yeah, the Mega M6 is a bit more than both the M43 and MK34, but IMO very worth it knowing Richard.

RollerBoySE - yeah, that’s what’s tempting me on the MK34, the uber low moonlight. A true firefly mode. Very few super bright lights even have moonlight, and almost no lights of any kind have a 0.1 lumen mode.

Having a 0.1 lumen moonlight mode on such a beast is awesome, but I think it is even more awesome that you can select from, what 10 different low outputs or something on the Manker. That is definitely an amazing feature.

Edit: yesterday I noticed that the button backlight of the Meteor actually can function as a super low firefly mode…

Don’t forget that MK34 has an instant stepdown (in 10-20 seconds) in turbo , while M43 hasn’t.

I have both the Noctigon Meteor M43 with Nichia 219C (6600 Lumens, 5000K) & the Manker MK34.

IMHO the Meteor M43 is far superior in too many ways to list, including Noctigon's QA & QC.

Best Regards,


P.S. I just checked out Manker’s site, and the MK34 is available now in 219c as well. Don’t know CRI, don’t know temperature…

Keith, have you checked out the Thrunite mini TN30 (2016)? According to specs, it has a 0.5 lumen firefly mode, and a low of 46 lumens. Those two low outputs are amazing for everyday use. Even though this light has “only” a max output of 3660 lumens, it is able to sustain this level fairly well with decent cooling. Normal price is $99, but with coupon “Xmas” you get 20% discount, so it’s only $80. Super value in my opinion.

I did not look at the mini TN30 yet. Huh, looks pretty cool, and unlike most “turbo” lights can seemingly push it’s high mode for higher/longer than most lights’ step-down mode. And I don’t have a Thrunite yet.

At which store does the coupon apply?