So, is there a current, very popular 14500 light on the scene?


Want one.

I put a 20mm convoy tir lens in. Easy drop-in only a fat oring is needed under the bezel ring to compensate a small height difference.

Again, I really doubt you will like it as an edc. But there are even people happy edcing a HDS.

Will lose most ability to mod with the Ti versions.

The bezel is glued, so you will need appropriate tools, with appropriate protection for the light so that the tools don’t scratch it.

It’s sufficient to remove the bezel. That’s how I did it.

If you can’t change the LED yourself, cheapest and easiest way to mod your light is add DCFix to the front of your lens.

Thanks Pavlo. I have enough ability to change the LED, what I don’t know anything about is getting different reflectors and/or lenses/TIR and fitting them to the light. I need to get more education on doing those kinds of mods! :sunglasses: I would love to mod my Jet I Pro to be warm and floody, but I don’t think I would be happy just obscuring/frosting the lens itself. I would want to do it right.

+1 for this.

Very handy little light.

I just got a Sofirn SP10S today. Love it! The only EDC light I know of with a Samsung LH351D emitter, 90 cri 5000k. It has a super nice beam quality and on a Ladda cell is pretty bright for an AA. I can’t wait to try it with the 14500 if they ever get here from across the pond…Fit and finish are excellent, plus has AR coated lens. For $18 shipped on Amazon it’s a steal.

The Skilhunt M150 also has that kind of led :wink:

My unit had the XP-L HD CW, but the High Cri version is also available :wink:

So any negatives about that light that you found?
Sp10S very tempting for me now.

The only one I can think of is it comes on in my pocket, but you can lock it out by unscrewing tail cap slightly, or tap the switch 4 times quickly. Otherwise it’s perfect as-is. Waiting for my 14500 for access to 800lm turbo! I tested it alongside my Sunwayman light with the xp-g2 and thre beam is nicer thanks to the high cri.

I just got an M200 with the ’351. Niiiiice. I hope to stick a review on here soon.

For an 18650 light, it’s actually a bit shorter’n my GTmicro (14500), but of course the ’micro has the wide head.

That is one of the best 18650s I have :wink:
That UI…is great!! And having the LH351D is a plus.

BTW, as I know you also like TIR and you don’t like tint shifts, I use a TIR with mine: “REVIEW”: Skilhunt M200 [2019] - 1x18650/2xCR123a – 5000K High CRI – 1100 Lumens – Configurable UI [PIC HEAVY] - #11 by MascaratumB

It reduced the output of course, but the tint shift also disappeared :wink:

Glad you like that light too :sunglasses:

There were a few things about the UI that bugged me. I already have a small pile of various SP10s (A, old B, new B, etc.) but no Ses, so I’m not in any itchin’ hurry to get an S.

Things I vaguely recall from others’ reviews include that it has mem or nomem based on whether you’re running an alkaleak or 14500, that it starts on low even though it has moonlight (ie, you’d have to cycle through the blinding modes just to cycle back to moonlight), little quirks like that.

Hi everyone, first post here. Finally registered so I might find out more about the high CRI versions of both the Sofirn SP10S and the Skilhunt M150. My Zebralight SC53w is my favorite flashlight in my very modest collection, but I like the idea of the extra brightness from 14500s and to still be able to run good old fashioned AAs. Also, if read correctly, both of these are 5000K. I much prefer the ZL 4500K tint to the 6000+ in my other lights, but I would like to try something just a tad whiter.

So any and all additional information on the Sofirn and Skilhunt high CRI versions would be greatly appreciated! First question, what is wrong with the UI on the M150? Second question, is how do both perform on primary AAs? I don’t expect them to be as bright as the ZL but are they in the same ballpark? And the last concern is pocketability. They are both longer than the ZL so any feedback on how comfortable, or not, they are to carry in a front pants pocket would be helpful also.

> is there a current, very popular 14500 light on the scene

the 2020 RRT-01 can use 14500. It is the only present option for a Rotary that can use 14500…

for me the rotary UI is such a gamechanger, that I have lost interest in using lights with modes.

Hi and welcome to BLF, properstranger :wink:

The Skilhunt M150 I have doesn’t have the Samsung LED, so I can’t actually tell how it looks like/performs on that flashlight. I believe that it will have some tint shift, because both leds I had there (Cree XPL2 and Luxeon V2 5000K) had/have tint shift due to the reflector.

About the UI of the M150, what is less good is that you go upwards and downwards when you cycle the levels (independently of being on the Mode A or B). Like: L-M-H-T-H-M-L or ML-L-M-H-T-H-M-L-ML.
The Skilhunt M200 (the 18650 version) perfected the UI and you can go like this: ML-L-M-H-T-ML-L-M-H-T.
That is the major issue, but there are others (like double click for Strobe when ON).

About running it on AAs, well, it doesn’t give you so much power as on the 14500s, that is for sure. On the lowest modes, maybe it can give you more runtime, but I don’t how much more it will last, specially if you have higher capacity 14500s (Vapcell and Shockli have some with ~1000mAh).
I was trying to find some photos comparing my use of it with AA vs 14500 but I didn’t take any :person_facepalming:
But the difference…is quite big! And won’t even reach the level of the ZL. The 750 lumens are a bit exageratted.
However, this light seems pretty efficient in case you wanna try it.

Don’t leave it locked electronically with the red led turned ON, as it will drain you battery fast :exclamation:

Thanks MascaratumB for the welcome and thanks for the feedback. I just found and read your excellent review of the M150 from last year. Loved all of the comparison shots. From your explanation of the UI it seems there are some good aspects of the UI to at least partially offset the negative ones. I don’t think that would be a deal breaker for me. As far as your reply on running AAs, “won’t even reach the level of the ZL. The 750 lumens are a bit exaggerated.”, you aren’t saying that it isn’t as powerful on 14500s as the ZL is on AAs are you?

I don’t know who did it but i have a tool 2.0 ti swapped to 219b 3500k snd frosted lens. It’s very nice. Orig owner had 2 done snd he likedthe 4500 better so i got to buy the “reject” in no way is a reject. The low level is too bright though, which is a common complaint. This is quickly becoming my favorite night time light.

Meant to reply to the above. Sorry, not forum competant. Low tech here, with shiny light…ooo