So What now fit's in an xm-l reflector

Hi, yes I’ve dropped back in and I am now, terminally ignorant……

So, as per the title, what can I drop into an xm-l reflector that is neutral/warm white, higher output AT THE SAME CURRENT as an xm-l/xm-l2 emitter. It must either come on a 20mm star or, have a 20mm star available to mount it on.

Basically, I’m after modding my bike light and want to be aware for modding my boys/Toni’s future bike lights (yes, we’re running the risk of being lycra waltons).

Anyway, how’s everyone doing? from looking about, I see many familiar faces are still here.

Sst40 or a high binned xml2 like a u4 will do much better then a xml

Ok, So I can just use up the bare emitters I have here, that’ll do for me.

Hi gords, still here and never went away I must humbly confess. Nice to see you around again.

The forum has become bigger and louder and modding has become both easier and more extreme. And we actually have invaded the flashlight industry with fully BLF-designed flashlights :smiley:

About your question: the output of a good old XM-L2 from your spares box has not significantly improved, 2 or 3 bins the most, no revolutions have happened to output. But high CRI leds have become way better so if you care about that sort of thing there’s lots to improve.

SST40 is a great emitter but has 2 problems:

  • My understanding is it’s not significantly better than XML2 at the same current. However, SST40 can pull much more current and at higher currents has substantially more output.
  • SST40 only comes in cool-white. OP is looking for neutral white.

Well heres for old times sake. :beer:
Welcome back gords. Adding onto what djozz mentioned there are a couple of wow lights developed here on the forum. The BLF GT and Q8 are amazing.

Yes, I’m subscribed to adventure sports on youtube, whilst I claim ignorance, I kind of kept an eye on things from afar.

As for high cri, they’re bike lights, I cannot imagine where I wouldn’t need high cri and a decent tint. Speak to me :student:

I usually end up catching your posts when I do research I’m aware that many of the old hands are still here :beer: