so whats this annoyance crap?

breaks my auto login on my phone.its an annoyance all right!
we getting flooded with spambots?

Yes, the bots seem to be extra active these past few days. I can’t tell yet if they’re automated or human, so I changed the text and workflow of the registration and CAPTCHA process a bit. Sorry about that. The additional login CAPTCHAs will be eliminated soon, however.

How does it break the auto login for you?

it requires me to fiddle with the keyboard to enter it.and for whatever reason it tends to move about the time i go to enter it and errors.
watch out for bugmenot logins too . there is one called bugmenot registered here.
they tend to be trolls.
i have banned a bunch on

OK, thanks for letting me know. I’ll remove it as soon as possible. I hope it will be within 24 hours or so.

it is clever the way its worded.should do a number on bots.
If it does not then we are dealing with human spammers but that’s rare and low volume.
esp if ttl is as short as we keep it at badcaps.not worth it when me and the other mods limit the life to 30 minutes or less.
another approach might be to keep it and set it up to automagicly bypass on users with like like 10 posts.
so it gets presented but is ignored