So where do you place flashlights around your house?

Assuming you actually use your lights, where do you keep them, and which ones do you position to use?

I keep a Solarforce L2 with an XML hanging at the garage entrance, my Palight C8 in my nightstand, an Ultrafire U20 in my car's center console, and a 4xAA Dorcy at my door to the back yard (dog-watcher). I also keep a little Romisen with a single CR123 in my desk drawer just to shine a brighter light on my stuff when I need to work on my computer.

All 16 torches sit on the shelf, or on my table depending on which I fiddle around with. Usually at least a couple are on the table where I sit, common combinations include the 3x18650 and a couple single cell AA, 123, torches around. Torches left around the house are more just a result of diffusion, from a place of high concentration, to low concentration, but that is resolved when I spot them and return them to the desk or shelf.

Back door:

ROP high in a 2D Mag

L2m with a KD XM-L T6 dropin

Whatever one my godson found last.

This desk 22 lights

Bag on the floor 100 or so lights

By my bed Xtar WK20 and 30 for review

Car: Streamlight TwinTask single CR123 light - rechargeable thing that lives in the cigarette lighter socket.

Work bag - around 15 lights

Who knows? Quite a lot of lights.

Office desk: several AAA and AA lights - mostly of the disposable supermarket variety.

Where I put them really doesnt seem to matter for very long. It's where the kids put them that matters.

on my desk. Yes, if you don't put a flash light in ur mouth it doesn't glow. So..I am deciding not to get glow in the dark braces cuz its a lot of work to even get them to glow.

At eye level .

Have the orthodontist pass you the brackets first, and then you can have them trit slotted before they are cemented onto your teeth. That way you have true glowing ortho brackets, and you still have the ability to choose what colour ortho bands you want, if you still want GITD bands. lol!

- 3C M@glite (with the now-discontinued M@glite-LED replacement "bulb") at the door, mounted to the wall.

- fake 2D army anglehead (also fitted with one of Tony Maglica's LED replacement inserts) in the glove compartment of the daily driver

- beat-up 2xAA minim@g (terralux TLE-5EX conversion, haven't come around to do the Match-mod yet) on my hip as EDC

everything else is in a drawer in my bedroom. Right now, there are two or three completely dismantled AAA lights on my desk, for tinkering and playing. I'm getting the best ideas while playing around with parts.


I'm getting the best ideas while playing around with parts.


Amen, brother! That's what I do...I've now got a big box of misc parts and pieces, and I pretend that I'm 7yrs old again and playing with Lego blocks

Oh, and 3 lights in each vehicle, a few in the kitchen, one in my pocket, and the rest in my workshop (a few scattered around the house- thanks kids!).

A ton of flashlight in a drawer. A few sitting on top of a printer on my desk.

Except for those we keep in the cars, in the garage, in the shack and for dedicated weapon lights, they mostly sit on a shelf in my hobby room/workshop. The EDC lights have their own space next to the car keys and our daughter keeps her flashlights in her room. Most of our "go to" lights are TR-1200s (old version with three 18650s, usually pretty close to fully charged). Well, those and the piggy lights. :D

EDC lights are whatever we feel like. And we have coin battery lights attached to pretty much every key in the house (the "22000mcd" type DX sells at $4.50 for 10). For a while, I had one clipped to one of the dog's collars. :D

-Hugsby P31 in my vehicle. I think I'll put my mini mag with xpg (match mini mag mod) in there as well.

-Maratac AAA stainless on keychain

-L2X with xm-l 3-mode or Fenix TK35 as my light for backpack use when going out to cottage or other outdoor adventure

-Tank007 E07 with QTC pill at my bedside (perfect for indoor nighttime use)

All other lights up on my dresser on display lol.

8 on the nitestand 40+ on my desk 30+ in a briefcase for sale 50+ in a box in the bedroom 2 in each car and a couple in each room handy to grab . One SS N-light AAA on my keys and I always grab another an stick it in my pocket before I walk out the door probably 1 out of 10 in rotation.

I just sold 10 last it must be time to buy a new light

That's a better excuse than any of mine :bigsmile:

4 in the living room.

3 in the kitchen - for back door dog spotting.

1 in the bathroom. At present it is one of those pen things doctors use to stare down your throat and has a drug company logo on it. It makes the worst of the $1 Chinese lights look good.

15 in the work bag - and only 2 multitools (1 large and 1 small). Yes, I did lighten it a bit. It's down to 11kg now.

Spare bedroom two, I think

night stand only two - an XM-L modded HS-802 and an H3D headlamp.

Overnight bag on night stand has a couple of small lights in it

Car, a rechargeable thing that lives in the lighter socket, a Streamlight TwinTask clone and an old Luxeon 3 light.

On my person, ITP A3 (MLH) on house keys, TiKey on car keys, Fenix E01 on work keys.

On and around this desk - quite a lot of lights.

Dining room a plastic 2D with probably leaked zinc carbon cells in it. It might work when needed. Or it might not.

Electric cupboard at front door, 2AA plastic thing with a pair of lithium AAs in it and an LED PR bulb replacement.

Why did I count??

50+ on the desk and l0 more on a shelf right next to it ...and 9 on a bookshelf I forgot too +30+50

and a correction it's l4 on my nightstand ...pretty hard to miss touching a light at night if you're trying . Most of those lights are vying for a place in my heart, either on my favorite list or trying to make it at least on to the .."please keep me list "..

But I did sell ten ....

Don you are still the target ..unfortunately it's not to have more lights than you ... it's to have less

I usually keep a small light on my person; the rest live on or around my nightstand. I keep them in a common place so I will know where to go if I need one. The WF-501b with GITD tailcap stays on the nightstand with the revolver so I can find them both easily in the night. Cool The Maglights live on the floor between the nightstand and bed where I can grab one if I need to go snoop around outside.


I just added one more. Which means you have one less!



3 new lights from woot

2D Madlight ...ooops ...>>maglight clones $7.00 each .. very nice q3 very deep reflectors ringy but heavy and throwy n cheap.

these were a dang good deal need to go thank someone for turning me on to this deal .. wish i bought 40 more .

Serious? What are you going to do with Maglite clones?