So where y'all all from?

And it was a calf not a sheep!

Arizona, U.S.A

(Photo by me)

The city was Constantinople before 1453, or you mean last times of ottomans (which is before 1923)

I am also pleased that you have liked your visit.

The writing is “There is only one god (ALLAH) and mohammed is the prophet”.
This is the first statement for every muslim to believe.

When you visited Istanbul, I was a child and was not living in Istanbul.
The city is now about 12 million in population. Even larger in population than some european countries.
So it has became a huge city.

As you have seen McDonald’s we have starbucs, hilton, etc.
There is now 2 international airports.

Historic city that you have visited remains as is.

Beautiful pics guys!

I’m in QLD, about 2.5 x larger than Texas.

In fact there’s a Texas in QLD :,\_Queensland.

Montreal, Quebec… where the penguins wear snowsuits throughout winter. :bigsmile:

Thanks Fishinfool!

I am from raccoon city.

Nice pics - really nice pics. I have a soft spot for sceneries. Thanks for the eye candies.

It's only fair to give back. View of paddy field right behind my late grandfather's house, Penang, Malaysia.

It ain't much, but it's mine free and clear...Long Island, NY USA

Oklahoma. Just north of Texas.

Not much to do around here but Hugh Jackman likes to sing about us.

And some of us can’t afford a fishing pole.

Middle Earth.

Neat little clip with some reasonable South Island scenery.

Nice looking house and a very clean garden. Nothing to complain about. 8)

Sweden. Been to Texas a couple of times for work. In Dallas to be more precise. Go Cowboys :wink:


Is it as big as Pontypridd?

Thanks :) I try to keep my place as perfect as possible. It's not always easy, but I give it my best effort :)

Amarillo Texas…. Where we have to look for the beauty!!

OH! And where we are known for intellergency! Here is proof! ALL College Grads! PHD type critters… SMART!!