So you know that exceptionally bright moon we had tonight...

Sorry guys, that was me and my Keygos KE-5:

lol :bigsmile:


Told the wife & others last night…………“i bet that is luxi in Wa with his new Keygos KE-5! Wait till she sees this! Edit- BTW, you ruined the fireworks for us. Thanks


Hey BetweenRides, Maybe he should use a diffuser next year LOL.

Keith (just having a little fun)

Did you know that when shining with a thrower (30kcd+) onto the moon, the moon will receive 1+ lumen from it?

However the moon is so big and that 1 lumen is distributed over a large area, so this results in only 10^-14 lux - unnoticeable.

“That’s no moon”

How many does it take to make it look brighter? Flashies in the world, unite!

I would have never thought that. Amazing!

You don’t need many, Just get Foy, 2100, Don, ILF and RikR to aim everything they have got and we’ll have another sun

I strapped all my multi led lights together and strobed the moon for a minute. Then I stopped and the moon strobed me back :open_mouth:


cool pic.

Great (funny) thread!!!



waiting for one of those to arrive… hope its a good one. what do i need to do to know if it is or not??

It would take 100 million billion throwers to increase moon’s brightness by just 1%… :slight_smile: