So you're quarantined...what did you do today?

Like I wrote, what did you do today instead of infecting your fellow man?

I watched a few old movies, worked from home and made a quick supply run. While out I ran into a local Hell’s Angel and discussed virus related movies waiting for the cashier.

So what did you do?

A big dog walk and perusing Ebay and BLF to see what I can get in trouble with :)

I binged on a bunch of Paul Harrell Youtube videos. If you’re into firearms or just like to watch clips about them you should check him out. He’s very knowledgeable and explains things in interesting and straightforward terms.

I’ll have to check him out, dying to go to the range but obviously not a good time for that.

Did a little bit on a light Im building

Took my daughter up to the soccer field for an hour and tried to impersonate Lukasz Fabianski - and failed miserably. COYI

Tidy up my little studio and get ready for making some videos.

went to work.

Took two of my kids out for a night hike last night, it was a lot of fun. Naturally, I had the flashlight situation covered. :smiley: :+1:

Brought along:

FW3A (SST40)
S2+ (XP-L HI 4C)
Astrolux C8 (XP-L HI 3A)
Sofirn C8A (XP-L2 NW)
SP36 (LH351D)

Have a couple of budding flashaholics for sure as they were very inquisitive and noticed the differences in flood/throw, temp, etc, on their own.

All solid lights imo, but having them out at the same time really made me fall in love with the SST40 in the FW3A all over again. Really gorgeous output to my eyes.

The SP36 is my newest light and this was the first time I’d really used it. Excellent alternative to the Q8. Only minor gripe is that I’d like even more if the temp was a bit warmer.

We are not in lockdown but in what is called: social distancing.
So we lowered our shopping trips from once a day to once every three of four days: alone.
But we have a dog, so yesterdag I had two hour+ walks because the missus was shopping.
“Normally” we have one dogwalk per day per person, apart form the first and last pee-of-the-day.

The only people you see at night are walking their dogs (or yapping guinea pigs with led-collars).
Which gives me opportunity to bring a healthy light to the party and act a bit like a mall-cop.
Not to the yappers, cause next to their owners the Fat Lady from the opera is a Skinny Minny.
They are more like the USS Iowa and the USS Missouri, surrounded by tug-boats.

WOW ! That is Godzilla ? :open_mouth:
Are you making the reflector too ??
What machines do you have access too ?
Post more pics !! Please :sunglasses:
Great job grin :wink:

Lot’s of gardening and guitar these days… It does not change much for me either. Less noise, less pollution, very few people out, almost empty motorway… I wish i could enjoy it more but restrictions are tight over here - no more then an hour out and close to your home as much as possible. Not many check points though.

We're on social distance protocol, not a lockdown.

Our routine for the past few weeks:

Take dogs to park at least daily (lots of room - defunct golf course, very sparsely occupied) to play frisbee & do dog stuff.

Continue frame-off resto project (18 months so far) on a '73 Kawasaki Z1 barn find that was parked in the PNW for 36 yrs. Coming along nicely, should be ready for 1st. start in about a month. We're gonna sell this one.

Interior painting that we've put off too long, sometimes for decades.

Wife is doin' scratchin'-in-the-dirt stuff now that things are greening up, as well as experiments in tasty nutrition and learning the finer points of being a competent Mechanic's Helper. She really likes running the vapor blast cabinet & doing torque wrench stuff. Not crazy about running the wire wheel if she did fresh warpaint on her nails the day before.

I'm doin' stuff that sparks, internally combusts, only counts very rapidly between 0 and 1, or things that rattle, squeak or otherwise misbehaves.

Those "someday" tasks. Like rearranging The Junk Drawer in the kitchen, for instance.


Nothing much, been distracting myself with video games (GOG has a good sale going for those interested) and re-running some great Youtube series like Brave Dave’s Big Fat Freight Hop.

It’s especially frustrating because my city has a curfew going - get caught outside after 20:00 and you’re in bother - and my apartment complex is so well-lit, light seeps into the flat, so I have no real use for my flashlights. After this is done I’m so taking a trip to a rural area.


We are not quarantined but our governor has declared that we should stay home unless we need something essential.

Neither of us has been to a store for over a week. Yesterday I walked 8.5 miles (13.7 km) for the exercise and to consume some time; around the fence line. I read a book; a Kindle from library; “The Splendid and the Vile”. I ordered 2 delivery meals from our favorite restaurant in town and had them delivered to the women’s domestic violence shelter.

Today will be a repeat, more or less. We are also practising some “”döstädning” At 73, I/we have amassed a lot of stuff. :person_facepalming: All the more so since we’ve lived in the same place since 1985. On my plan for today is a large drawer full of maps and travel info that I am certain has not been looked at in a decade or so.

Ahhhhh, that’s beautiful. Thanks! I’ve never been to Scandinavia, but that scenery speaks to my soul.

And so does this! :sunglasses:

Made some sausage barley soup this morning, then helped wife with some of her cooking.

Also upgraded and reconfigured my old router so that it can be used as backup, in case my primary one dies for whatever reason.

Hoping to get some fresh air on a walk later today, while keeping our distance.

rode bike 15 miles
one garage sale, CV free

took kids out walking for 2.5 hours


Raked all of my leaves that I was never able to get to before it snowed last year, lol.

Then played Legend of Zelda Link to the Past.

It’s been, and will continue to be movie marathon month for me. Movie, after movie, after… And, the usual evening walk around the hood.