Sofirn 21700 4800mAh 3.7V Battery 48A 10C

What to members think of the following battery? Good perrformance? I know everyone talks about the VCT6 or Samsung 40T but are the Sofin ones ok also? Pls say they are cuz I just ordered some

Now time to choose a 21700 thrower!

Sofirn battery are not the highest performing around but generally they are good quality.

If these 21700 have 4800mAh you can expect a maximum current of 10 to 15A from them. No way they will deliver 48A. But these are for high capacity not for high current.

In terms of 21700 thrower take a look at the Noctigon K1.


Also if you get the K1 you won’t need a really high drain cell, the high capacity would be the way to go.

In the world of battery cells one common misconception from people lacking expertise is interpreting number suffixes ending in “A” as amperage ratings. Third party cell rewrappers are guilty of feeding this. Actual manufacturers of batteries never rate their cells that way, i.e. a Samsung ICR18650-30A isn't rated for 30 A discharge. Actual, detailed OEM ratings are in cell datasheets. Cells with explicit current ratings in their wraps are rewrapped cells.

That 4800 mAh 21700 cell most likely is a 2C rated cell, or around 10 A maximum continuous discharge. Examples: LG M50T, Samsung 48G. And while some testing should be done, bear in mind Sofirn is unlikely to pay big bucks for high performance and hard to obtain cells, i.e. cells could very likely be from some good chinese OEM like Lishen.

No way any 21700 with 4800mah will have 48A current. This is likely a Samsung 48G with 4.8A continuous discharge. Or if we’re lucky, it could be the Lishen LR2170SF, which from my test average about 4750mah and is rated for 13A. Testing it in my Fireflies E07, the LR2170SF outputs a good bit higher than the LG M50T and the Samsung 50E so it is definitely the best high capacity cell if you care about output. The Noctigon K1 with even the White Flat 2mm emitter, it only uses 7-8A of current so the 50E and M50T should be more than adequate.

Ahh shucks I already ordered if BEFORE I posted the thread :student: Now I’m forced to look for a 40T :smiley:
Hey great info all! Big Thanks :slight_smile:

They indeed claim 10C discharge, 48A, but there is no way that’s feasible. It could be a pulse rating but pulse ratings are deceptive because you never know what’s the ‘pulse’ duration.

The 48G can be discharged at up to 2C continuous, just not for cycle life. Which pretty much is in line with any other cell, i.e. you won't get optimum or maximum cycle life discharging at strenuous rates.

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Sofirn, please pay more attention to what you do. First of all, you came here to post old news, i.e. you posted about your website yesterday in the thread Purchase Directly on By this time the discount code is no longer valid, and certain stuff like PLB cells is out of stock.

I looked at PLB cells yesterday, you barely had a handful of them for sale. Do you plan on stocking more INR26650-50A units at $3 each? That is great price for battery pack assembly, something I do sometimes.

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Funnily enough, I had four of the 4800mah Sofirn cells just arrive on Friday.

Discharging at 1A on my Opus C3100 v2.2 I got the following capacities:


I also received four of the 4000mah version as well for comparison and got these capacities:


Hope this helps,