Sofirn BLF LT1-Mini will be availble soon

Nice, but I don’t see it on the official website.

edit: now I see it. It’s under new arrivals, not under lanterns.

310 lumens...

I think I'll pass.

What's the status of the group buy?

There are no updates on the official thread from the LT1 team. Last update was that they were still waiting on prototypes to evaluate.

I’m also noticing no BLF logo on this version of the LT1 mini.

It appears Sofirn just walked off on their own for whatever their reason.

Any chance of a LT1 mini with deep red emitters?

This is the development thread: ** BLF LT1M-Mini Project - The little Lantern! ( PM's sent today June 21, 2022)**

I’d say that maybe it would be better to ask/search there :+1:

I agree… this seems odd that this would be offered to direct sale with out any development-team evaluation & testing… kind of a hint Sofirn abandoned us as the BLF team to push it into production & leave us behind? :person_facepalming:

-This is an un-tested variant from what we can see, it by-passed the development team without testing or evaluation. If its actually for sale to public, do not buy it as its not tested by the BLF LT1M team, and its a lantern they are pushing to sell untested.

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Read the last post in the main development topic here before buying the lantern listed above: ** BLF LT1M-Mini Project - The little Lantern! ( PM's sent today June 21, 2022)**

Yikes! What's going on here! Good heavens...

Oh wow, I was about to purchase one. Glad I did some reading before I pulled the trigger.

Maybe I’ll wait a bit for more official responses before doing so, but I’m having some real FOMO here since this product will really fill the gaps that other lights can’t.

Was tempted, but didn’t. It didn’t pass the smell test without any relation to the dev thread. Not in a hurry, so I’m sitting back to see what happens next.

So what’s the story here Sofirn? I’d like to think this is a communications error between different people in your company as I am pretty sure you didn’t think you could just post this up for sale and no one would notice that the development team was left out of the process.

Maybe Sofirn feels like the development takes too long. Still they should have communicated that before rolling the thing out for sale.

Personally, it looks too tippy, and the brightness isn’t significant enough to suit me. I was never on the interest list although I did keep tabs on the dev thread just in case it turned into something I’d like.

Most of the delays were on their part due to COVID, holidays, staffing, etc so I don’t think that’s the case :slight_smile:

We were waiting on Sofirn… They had their Chinese new year, Also said they had staff issues due to the covid pandemic, etc. so we waited for “them” to get back to us. We were ready top get the LT1M into production long ago, but Sofirn kept telling us they had issues on their end. We as the team feel now we were side-lined so they could just push what we worked on into production & sale without having the team test & review it first to work out the bugs. I feel the BLF LT1M team is getting the “cold shoulder” in this version,

Sofirn is online now..They see all this. dudes...the sooner you respond the better. Ignoring this is making it worse at a rapid pace.

I posted this on the main mini-LT thread:

Barry said that he was in the hospital and just got out, pulled the listing, and will be sending out units for testing. So apparently it’s just some internal miscommunication within Sofirn.

At this point I see the finish line approaching us. :slight_smile:

I hope Barry is okay, but the rest of that is good news!

I hope Barry is ok. Hopefully this gets sorted out quickly.

The product has been added to their “New Arrivals” section on their AliExpress store:

User Jackie is promoting it on another thread as well.