Sofirn C01R deep red [sold out, discontinued]

Thanks so much for the update and the whole project Lux, sounds pretty good! I think this is going to be a really unique little light ideal for so many tasks.

My lack of knowledge will really show here, but here goes: is the deep red just less bright or am I missing something? Are there any beam shots of these two leds? I don’t care so much which are used AFAIK but I’m just curious.

Many thanks once again for all the hard work and the great idea!

Interested in one.

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Interested in one

I am interested in the C01R (XP-E2 red or XP-E2 deep red)

I would be interested in further color-LED versions, e.g. with XP-E2 blue, green, amber

I have my original Arc AAAs made with 5mm LEDs, in red-orange, cyan, blue, and “snow white” — I never collected the full range of colors.

Amber would be especially useful for nighttime use without interfering with sleep.

According to the datasheet Amber emitters drop in output with increased temperature in a very steep way, i.e. their output at 85°C is just ⅓ of what they do at 25°C.

So far, I do not have any updates yet. There are some delays right now as Sofirn is currently involved into many projects at the same time.

I hope Sofirn is working on a driver tweak that can be used for more low-Vf emitters than XP-E2 (deep) red. However, I cannot predict how well C01R will sell and how much demand they would face with different colors except for (deep) red. While red tint is widely popular I'm afraid colors like amber, green and blue might be less interesting. I hope I will be proven wrong.

I wish someday they would offer some kind of "limited 250 pcs collector's box", made of bamboo wood, with all C01S versions in multiple anodizations (black, sandblasted, no ano, red, blue, green, ...), different materials (brass, titanium, aluminum, copper) and - of course - different emitters like XP-E2 red/green/blue, UV (with LG or Seoul Viosys Z5 365nm) and a nice selection of HighCRI emitters (SST-20 2.200K - 4.000K 95CRI or LH351D 2.700K 90CRI).

Anyway, regarding your desire for amber tint the odds might be better that Sofirn offers us another version of C01S with LH351D 2.700K 90CRI, since they need plenty of those for their LT1 lantern. Maybe 2.700K is "yellowish" enough to not interfere with one's sleep?

The SST-20 is perfect for these small optics lights, it produces a beautiful spot. The LH351D produces more light loss and a less bright and more untidy wide spot, and it even is hardly more efficient at these low currents.

It’d be impractical for Sofirn, so I won’t suggest it in that context, but I’m excited to get a couple of these modded with an E17A and E21A to see how those perform in C01 optics. SST-20 is definitely the largest emitter I would consider for something <15mm DIA

Can’t rely on color temperature — the output can look quite yellow/red and still contain a significant amount of blue light, which is what murders sleep.
(the blue emission is from the LED layer, underneath the layer of phosphors that converts those photons to warmer ones).

Turns out there are now LEDs driven using violet instead of blue, which solves the problem.

Soraa, founded by Shuji Nakamura, the Nobel Prize winner, announced a new series of blue light free LED lamp

Warm emitters have a lower blue peak and overall less blue light, so I'd say they can hardly be classified as sleep murderers. For example, the SST-20 3000K:

Source: Test of a Luminus SST-20-W 3000K 95CRI led

That blue peak still looks a bit high compared to other high CRI emitters, check the thread: SKV89's LED Strips and bulbs test results

It doesn’t take much:

What about the new deeper/photo red Xp-g3 in this style light? Anyone know the expected Vf of that red led vs Xp-e2 photo red?

mountainair26 it will barely be any different, if anything.

In for three in raw aluminum if available…

Interested in 2

Interested in one. Thanks.

Thanks Barkuti, I expected as much. But in this small of light with a TIR, I wonder if the larger led die will make a better flooder, since there won't be much throw anyhow. Additionally, the xp-g3 photo red is supposed to have more light in the visible spectrum for humans, vs the Xp-E2 photo red, which produces a beutiful tint in my opinon, but too many lumens are wasted in the higher spectrum that isn't visible to the human eye, from what I understand. Hopefully someone will post some testing results soon on the new xp-g3 photo red, I also would like to know how the luminus red leds stack up against the cree leds in terms of red color, output, and throw. I hope they can make this light work soon, I'm interested no matter how it the UI and led choice shakes out in the end.

Edit: I may have gotten that reversed about the Xp-g3 putting out more visible light vs the xp-E2 photo red. I'm no expert, just going off the info that djozz and others generously share on the forum. I started a thread on red leds if anyone has more input on their favorite "less-orange" photo or deep red led out there:

Normally I want the most throw (for an outdoors light at night or a weapon light for hunting) but since this light will be for a keychain, I figured flood is the goal. Interested in the 80 degree Oslon in a thrower reflector or aspheric light for its narrow beam angle. I'll try that next since the xp-g3 can't really be dedomed easily (for me), and thus won't help me get more throw like the XP-E2 photo red does.

Interested…please add me to the list.