Sofirn C01R deep red [sold out, discontinued]

Is it possible to add a USB charging port. How many lumens on the high mode?

so barkuti u are saying its a bad idea shining 3000k lights before bedtime?

I expect the figure of merit is not the height, but the total area in the blue region as a proportion of the overall light emitted…

Based the currently ongoing research, some of which has started to examine specific wavelengths effects on melatonin suppression, we’ll probably eventually be able to come up with a weighting factor for wavelength in order to properly integrate an estimate of melatonin suppression.

I’d be in for one!

Paired with a standard one, and suitable rubber mounts, these would make pretty indestructible bicycle lights :slight_smile:

Interested in one.

Not this time as this project will be adopting the C01S design. However, there are plans to build a very small 10180 light with USB-port already, see here:


Update (January 2, 2020):

Sofirn has managed to create a working prototype. Barry told me they are very satisfied with the beam and color rendition. They have also implemented a new UI with two mode groups (L-M-H, H-M-L), changeable by 8 fast twists. The low mode will actually be a sublumen mode with only 0.5lm. The medium and high modes will be significantly brighter. There's no telling how bright these modes are as Sofirn has difficulties measuring monochromatic light (which is normally always the case with standard integrating spheres). Depending on the current applied to the LED it might be possible to guesstimate the output but it will not be easy to get these numbers.

Enclosed you can find a quick whitewall shot (on High mode) made from Barry's smartphone. Please keep in mind that the actual impression with naked eye is different to what you may see on a picture.

The actual production of this batch will definitely not commence before February 2020 (i.e. after CNY holidays). Sofirn will be trying to increase the lot size to 500 pcs. Hopefully, we will be successful in raising the demand a bit more. Next step is to talk about the host color. I still vote for the wine red ano with a dark colored clip. We will need to wait and see for Barry's opinion about it as the ultimate color might correspond to Sofirn's plans for the colorful LT1 lanterns (which effectively could lower anodization costs to a very small amount). TLDR: The deep red body color is still an option.

If you have any favorite color you deem best for C01R, please tell me here.

Wow, that´s good news :+1:

3 Modes with a Sublumen is a good choice;
But I believe deep red with under 1 Lumen is really dark - but that´s O.K. :sunglasses:

Actually I can´t see the picture with the wine red anodization?
I would prefer a no anodization (sandblasted) version

Btw: I don´t know if it´s important for you but in the interest list you have marked the TLF members;
I´m also TLF :slight_smile:

Hallo DrDevil,

Barry's picture of the low mode still seemed veeeery bright, so I guess he did not use the latest prototype with 0.5lm in low mode. That's why I decided to post the high mode beamshot only. The wine red anodization can be found in the OP or in post #348, right above your recent post. ;-) On TLF I will refrain from posting this picture as TLF moderation will not allow it for reasons of German copyright laws. Sorry, if I did not mark you as TLF member but you have stated your interest as BLF member (post #49) that's why I did not specifically marked you as TLF member. If you want me to highlight your name as TLF member, please let me know.

Since we confirmed the deep red emitter I’ll double my request to 2 pieces. Any ano color is fine of the three pictured in the op. Red would probably be my first choice though.

I’m not sure if the ‘red wine’ ano color was pictured anywhere, but it’s not showing up for me in the op


Strange...I used as image hoster, as usual. Can you see this picture below?

No. That one doesn’t show up for me. Checked on my Android phone and PC

Integrating spheres are actually fine for measuring monochromatic light sources, there is no inherent reason why not. It does demand a more precise spectral sensitivity calibration but that should be ok with a commercial sphere.

There is a reason though not to want to publish the numbers too loudly, at 660nm the human eye semsitivity is very low,
the same radiometric power level that gives you 150lm in white light, gives only maybe 20lm in 660nm. That does not sound impressive (and because it does not look impressive either, it is still fair to use the lumen for these leds).

Thanks for the information Djozz. I take back my assumption that standard equipment is less appropriate to measure monochromatic light. Maybe there's a way to help Sofirn measure red light more accurately?

This is really strange as I can see those pictures here. Apparently, it must be some routing problem between and US internet providers. I never had any issues with so far. Maybe everything will be resolved in a few hours. If not, I will think about using another image hoster.

Could be that they correctly measured 20 lumen at full power and thought that can’t be right :party:

Glad to hear this is moving forward! And the new UI sounds great. Did they say if this will be implemented in future batches of the regular C01s, as well?

I’m not picky, especially since I know not many anodizing shops offer much variety in colors. However, if they can do a wine red, that would be a great match for a deep red emitter. I’m envisioning and anodizing color similar to the “French Rose” that Sunwayman offered at one time.

If I get a chance, I will try to remember tonight to take a picture of my deep red anodized Sunwayman R01A next to my red anodized Sofirn C01 as a point of color comparison.

Luminous flux (measured in lumens) is adjusted to human eye sensitivity, where as radiant flux (measured in Watts) is not. So 0.5 lumens of red should provide the roughly the same brightness as 0.5 lumens of white, but the radiant flux will be higher, and the runtime will be shorter.

Of course, how useful the illumination of that 0.5 lumens is will depend on the colors in the scene. Red light won’t illuminate blue or green objects, for example, while white light will.

I see it OK on my Windows 7 PC with Brave browser - but it takes a few seconds to load. Perhaps it is a bandwidth issue with the Abload host. It's probably temporary as they have been very reliable in the past. But it doesn't hurt to donate to them from time-to-time to help offset their bandwidth cost. I host pictures with Abload and try to donate some coin at least annually.

Finally after years peoples begin to consider this problem the inhibition of melatonine caused by neutral and cool white Led lights(by the natural emission of blue from Led)
But they are still the most requested and sold :frowning:
I would see more very Warm/Amber Leds lights