Sofirn C01S SST-20 4.000K 95CRI / Low-High version available again!

The circle hole is for a magnet and the long one is for a tritium vial.

Thank you! that makes perfect sense.

I guess I can look through Aliexpress and try to find singles of those two.

thanks again.

Can someone post the appropriate magnet again?

I like the old rosy Nichias too, but they aren’t widely available anymore correct? Any examples of 219c that are similar?

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For those who ordered back in late November, have you gotten your lights yet? Still no update on mine,so I requested and received a refund for mine.

I just got mine today from November. Didn’t arrive stateside till a few days ago.

Mine is almost here. The tracking updated a few days ago after going dark since Dec 4th.

What service are you guys using to track?

Would be nice C01S with good 351D/SST20 2700k

Type in your tracking #

I was using as I have used it before with some luck, but using 17track, it appears my light has made it to the States.


Yes indeed. I have the C01 3200k and love it. I just received the C01s and I’m enjoying 4000k but nothing beats a golden glow for a small light.

Yeah quality golden beam don’t hurt eyes and organism like some ugly cool tints
Hope to see more ligts ready to buy with this feature.
Optic also could be more recessed to avoid scratch

Any other sources of magnets? Banggood is sold out…

The magnet from retail convoy L2 fit but not pressed,I had to glue

re #601

We’ve been down this discussion path already, in an earlier thread as I recall.
You can look this stuff up by product number, to make sure which kind you’re getting.

The Nye company makes both kinds:

What size does it take? The 5mm x 2mm disc?