Sofirn C01S SST-20 4.000K 95CRI / Low-High version available again!

Lo and is the thread about the new Sofirn C01S

The Sofirn C01S is a single 1.2V/1.5V cell AAA twisty with a HighCRI Luminus SST-20 LED (CCT 4.000K, 95CRI). If you are looking for the predecessing Sofirn C01, please click ► here ◄.

Pictures courtesy by Sofirn @ AliExpress (see order link)

Some specs about the light:

Emitter: Luminus SST-20 4.000K 95CRI

UI: twist head to turn on/off, quickly loose and fasten head to switch between 100lm / 3lm modes

Mode Order: High-Low

Battery: 1.2V NiMH or 1.5V Alkaline AAA

Size: 71,6mm in length, 14,5mm in diameter (head)

Weight: 15g (without batteries)

Body Colour: Black / Blue / Red

Price: Currently, there are no group buy conditions available. The C01S was offered during pre-launch for $ 8.88 and later on for $ 10.99.

Order link via Sofirn's shop on AliExpress:

Black: mode order high > low

Red/Blue/Gray: mode order low > high

C01S BLF edition (mode order: low - high) - first batch sold out :(

C01S grey edition (mode order: low - high) - sold out :(

Coming soon...

New colors for C01S

Diffuser caps can be bought from Sofirn here:

Link to the user manual (German/English) on my sharepoint:

Please note that I was asked to not change the name of the flashlight in the manual as it has already been printed with its former project name "C01 Pro" and is part of the content of each shipped C01S now.

BLF special edition of the C01S

Djozz is in negotiation with Sofirn about a special edition for BLF members. It is planned to differ from the original version as follows:

- reversed order of modes (L-H instead of H-L)
- clear anodization instead of black/blue/red
- BLF insignias

... [to be supplemented]

Update 2019/03/14

  • Sofirn confirms possibility for approx. 200 pcs w/o anodization (no clear anodiozation!)

Update 2019/03/15

  • Reversed mode order is feasible
  • Insignias are yet to be defined (e.g. "BLF C01S", "C01S BLF edition")

Update 2019/04/15

Update 2019/04/24

  • BLF edition is produced but mode order was wrong and needs to be reworked on the lights. Thus, Sofirn needs to remove the drivers and reinstall them again. There's a chance that drivers will become loose and need to be re-glued (by the customer).

Update 2019/05/13

Update 2019/05/23

  • First batch of BLF edition is sold out completely

Some of my impressions about the Sofirn C01S in comparison to the Sofirn C01

Both flashlights were bought by myself at Sofirn's shop on AliExpress.

Date ordered: 03/08/2019
Date received: 03/28/2019

Close-up of the C01

Close-up of the C01S

Comparison of size and light source

Comparison of beamshots/whitewall shots (WB: 4.000K)

Some final words:

The C01S is a very nice and useful keychain light that comes in 3 different colours you can choose from. Sofirn managed to use another HighCRI emitter with much more power than the Yuji BC in the C01, the Luminus SST.20 4.000K 95CRI. Both flashlights arrived well packed and without any obvious defects in build quality. In fact, the quality of both lights is very good, the chosen tint in combination with the lens in the C01S is very appealing. While the C01 with its low output und floody beam is more or less good for reading purposes at night or for close-distance orientation the C01S can also be used in situations when you need more than just "a blink of an LED" ;-) . 100 lumens is very useful even when outside with the need to look farther than just before your feet. Since there's a special lens in the C01S you get a nice spot with useful throw. On the later/new batches of Sofirn's C01 they must have reworked the reflector coating as the first samples had a very smooth beam profile while later ones show a distinct spot with more intensity.

What could be improved?

  • I would have preferred a reversed mode order (low-high instead of high-low)...don't miss the chance to get the BLF edition that should come with a reversed mode order ;-)
  • The front end of those clips look somehow bent a bit leftwards when attached onto the lights, see picture above. They also come off too easily when you pull on them. It's nothing serious but maybe worth to mention.
  • Threads are totally dry. A small bit of silicon grease would be the icing of the cake, if there's anything left to complain about.



Nice job Lux-Perpetua!! :+1:

Thanks for your kind feedback teacher! Roll tide! :-)

Will report when mine arrives too (package has not left Sofirn yet)

Your welcome my friend!! :+1: . ROLL TIDE!!
I love that picture…… :beer:

Ordered 1 at $8.88 price

This video (short video C01S | By LED flashlight | Facebook) shows that C01S is starting with low mode first.

I’m confused. So which mode is first one? Low or high? Can someone clarify please? Thank you! :wink:

It looks like high- low to me. They put in the battery and screwed it in all of the way onto high, then when he put it in front of his hand, he turned it onto low and then continued the cycle.

That took 3 views to unravel: she (small hands btw) switches it on (high), then off, then on again (low) then off-on (high). The off-time after the first switch-on was short enough for the driver to detect a mode change instead of interpreting that as a switch-off.

So my conclusion: high->low

Yes, thank you, it’s in line with their description on Aliexpress page: “no memory function and default brightness is High mode”.

looks interesting, on bg its a long date ahead before they get in stock it seems :frowning: i will order it later i guess. I asume using 10440 in this light is not working ?

Low mode 3Lm seems useless to me. Optimally it would be low mode to make 10-20Lm.

Looks like a nice little light.

Depends. There will be many opinions on what the lowest brightness level should be. They are all correct for the particular user.

Myself, I prefer around 1 to 2 lumen maximum for the lowest level. Even lower if there is a Medium level as well as Low and High. My favorite general purpose pocket light has 0.5 lumens as the lowest, then 7, 70 and 250. (4 in total with the highest seldom used.)

If you are in a truly dark place that is plenty of light and usually not enough to shock your eyeballs. Totally useless if there is any amount of background light, but ideal if you are in a truly dark place.

I do prefer lights to start on the loweset setting and cycle up and back around. I can’t think of many times I have wanted a light to come on in the brightest mode.

I find 0.5 Lm to be very useful and starting on high a big disadvantage

no its not, in total darkness even 1lm is more then enough for a light and to save battery.

I find 3 lumen low pretty ideal for general use on a keychain. you don’t always use these in pitch black, so a bit more is alright.

If it had firefly/moon, I actually would have preferred a 3rd low mode at 8-10 lumen, but that’s what the thrunite ti3 and astrolux a1 are already doing.

but yeah, for me the BLF low-high version would be nicer.

But ideally, it should work like in that old discontinued pre-2014 Thrunite AAA twisty light: head fully tightened for max, slightly loose for low, unscrew further for off. That would be ideal. Too bad I missed this light back then, would buy 5 of these.

- Any word from Barry about BLF version?

- Is clear anodization essential?

  • Could we ask for copper head version?


If this happens, I’m in for a few!

Copper version would also be great.