Sofirn C05

This is less of a review and more of a disassembly. The Sofirn C05 is available directly from Sofirn as well as other sources. MSRP is $109 USD at this time, although when I purchased mine they were going for ~$50. It appears to be a copy of the Streamlight Rail Mount HL-X and although I haven’t had a chance to examine the Streamlights in person I suspect the build is very similar based on my experience with others (Protac HL-3 and Polytac). Streamlight seems to like their fine thread pitches, smooth anodizing and, perhaps what I noticed least desirable is the use of plastic internal fittings.

As for the Sofirn C05 I suspect its build just as well as the Streamlight and like I said, seems constructed similar to my HL-3, though have not voided that warranty by disassembling.

The manufacture description (notice the same mode functions as the TenTap from SL):

Now for the pics. This is just the disassembly. If you want to see the overall pics or what it comes with the Sofirn product page does a good job.