Sofirn D25S on sale $12 SST40 1200lm

Anyone get this, seems like a good cheap headlamp.

where is it on sale?

Sofirn web site

ok, thank you!

$12 definitely looks extremely cheap for such a light

That’s a bargain. Ships from US too.

Link for the lazy.

It does say “Ship from USA”, but the only selectable option for me is $2.99 from China. Even at this price it’s not worth it to me for a potential 2+ month wait.

Just ordered 4 ds25 headlamps. $47.96 total. No shipping charges to US.

I just ordered 18 pieces. They are great lights. I own a couple. Free shipping from China.

I ordered one on the 28th of March. The Web page and order details said shipping from China. I just got notification from USPS it is arriving today. Tracking indicates it originated in Ontario, Ca.

Although it said shipping from China mine came from Ontario Ca in 6 days. I bought 2 and for some reason there was a 24 cent “service charge” added to the total which came out to $24.22. Both charged some old batteries I had to 4.1v so at least the internal charging doesn’t seem to be an issue with mine.

I’ll probably take the front plate off and add silicone sealant to the underside to make them more waterproof but other than that they seem to be decent lights.

How green is the tint at lower output modes?

Pretty green compared to my cool white Skilhunt H02.


OK thanks. I will pass on this one.

Too bad about the green tint. Im also going to pass. Thanks anyway.

Yep…the sst40 can be a be a bit green a low output. Convoy seems to see ones that aren’t as green.

Ordered 1 for now, thanx for posting! Actually I paid $14 for my current one, bought off of Ali back in Jan 2019. It's now modded with warmer LED's and running Anduril.

I really can’t disagree more. This light is truly excellent for the price
If you are working on your car or walking the dog. $14 will be the best money you spent. Let’s compare $14 lights with other $14 lights.

I saw your post on that. Good show, ol’ chap! :+1:

Bought 2, great lights, this should be the poster child for a Budget headlamp. Sofirn rules.