[Sofirn headlamp]SP40 was added 3000K and 4000k color now

It’s great for only $ 20

Devices are pushing the usb-c standard for a variety of reasons, and adoption is picking up. I have less and less need for micro-USB and have fewer and fewer of the cables hanging around. I wouldn't want a new light, which I'd expect to last years, to end up being my last darn micro-USB device.

For Scallywag: https://www.ebay.com/itm/2pcs-USB-C-Type-c-Female-to-Micro-USB-Male-Adapter-Converter-ConnectorL-FSPE/223511135907


Yes because an additional dongle is an awesome solution.

Barkuti, it’s ok to let go of your serial port mouse too.

Actually, it’s not too good of a comparison.

USB-C is superior in every way compared to micro-USB.

PS2 is still slightly better in terms of latency and lower power requirements.

And yeah, why would you want a dongle? More ways to break the port.

What are the specs for the battery package option? Looks like a good deal for only $3 more.

Well people, this headlamp has been designed with a USB micro-B input port. I can understand all sorts of scaremonger reasons against, but in all honesty it is not my problem. I think and believe different. Nothing is random fellows. My ports do not break, I keep them fit and clean. If yours do, address the cause and/or fix the problem.

The headlamp could also been fitted with a standard O:) ∅3.5 × 1.3mm DC female plug, it could also have :-D worked with it. So, you can consider yourselves fortunate it uses a nowadays' more widespread and standardized USB micro-B connector. 0K, no more fuel to this fire of yours.

Have fun and be happy.


Mon, 05/13/2019 - 02:16

Can’t say for sure until tested, but Sofirn’s batteries are usually pretty good. Nothing crazy awesome, but for the price you can’t beat it.

3000mAh 18650.

Probably a 6A cell.

LarryLumens, according to this test data:

Plus this:

Source: Henrik's 18650 comparator @ lygte-info.dk


Despite Henrik's graph would probably match better if the NCR18650BL cell were have been tested on the newer 4-wire battery holder test station, capacity still does not match even if cell curve shape does.

So it is not an NCR18650BL. There are cells Henrik still have not tested, the one Sofirn is rewrapping could be some 3100mAh 0.2C rated cell from some known manufacturer like an NCR18650A, or from another OEM.

Take care :THUMBS-UP:

Mon, 05/13/2019 - 06:30

the battery is a 3000mah 18650 battery

Brand DLG

If only you could see in the dark with it.

Thanks for chiming in Petr J., it is praiseworthy for Sofirn to preserve the original OEM wrap under their own; helps us consumers identify the product besides adding extra insulation.

That DLG “INR18650-B32” cell looks to use similar chemistry to that of the Sanyo GA/BL cells, with a little less capacity though. Good standard drain cell I'd say.

Does it use an inductive buck driver or a linear driver?

DLG 3200mAh cell is popular in China because it is cheap and decent.

I would like to see TIR version with neutral white color

will a update of USB port and TIR?

Just received the light in 4000k

I like the light and tint, but I can’t understand why there’s no long click from off for moonlight. This light with an added moonlight mode only accessible from off would be perfect

i would appreciate a quick and dirty beamshot comparison of the 4.000k tint with the standard 5.300k version!