[Sofirn headlamp]SP40 was added 3000K and 4000k color now

SP40 update news: as many customers request, we add 3000K and 4000K color temperature in SP40 now, 100 pieces assembled this time, welcome if you are interested in.

Link: SP40

The first own design headlamp from Sofirn is available now on Aliexpress-SP40
It is an EDC light could used as a headlamp or a flashlight, compaitible with 18350 battery by using the replace battery tube, USB rechargeable.

CREE XPL LED with a lifespan of 50,000 hours
Working Voltage: 2.8V-4.2V
Battery Options: One 18650 Li-ion battery
Dimension: 108mm (length)*25mm (head diameter)
Weight: 63gram (without batteries)
Mode Memory
Advanced Temperature Regulation (ATR) technology: ATR will adjust the brightness level automatically when the driver temperature reaches 55℃ to prevent overheating
Power Indicator: The LED indicator on side switch blinks in green for 5 seconds if remaining battery power is over 30. When the indicator turns to red, battery juice is below 30. Flashing red light indicates low power - replace or recharge battery ASAP
USB input:5V1A

Operation Instruction:

The switch controls all flashlight functions as follows:

Short click to turn on, another click to turn off.

While the light is on, the side switch to cycle through modes: Low→Mid→High

Double clicks to activate Turbo mode, one click to return last mode.

Click to know more:https://www.aliexpress.com/item/33014058575.html?storeId=2933049&productId=33014058575&productSubject=Sofirn-SP40-LED-Headlamp-Cree-XPL-1200lm-18650-USB-Rechargeable-Headlight-18350-Flashlight-4-Modes-with&spm=2114.12010611.8148356.11.28b95223Cq8qDw

What do you do to cycle the modes? Hold?

I like the 18350 adapter/tube.

Tailcap magnet?
I’m guessing no. It’s not mentioned.

I would like Sofirn to produce a AA / 14500 headlamp. Without a built in charger.

it will included in the package

no magnet :cry:

Yes, hold press cycle the modes

I still want one :slight_smile:

Thanks, here is a code coupon for SP40 if you want :smiley: this valid for Aliexpress APP, from 8th to 15th, May, scan to get and use it when purchase, if any problem in using, contact with the customer service ,they may help adjust the order amount by hand

This is the link for coupon too: Sofirn Official Store - Amazing products with exclusive discounts on AliExpress

When the flashlight is using the 18350 tube will it fit in the silicone lamp holders on the headband?

It looks like it would be too short.

In order to use it as a headlamp you would have to use the 18650 tube.


Brand new light. Outdated Micro-USB :((

Yes,it fits quite well.

Hi, can I get more info for this light?

Is it CW or NW? What’s the colour temperature?

What are the lumen levels for low mid high and turbo? Is there a moonlight mode?

Will future versions have TIR lens and a magnetic tailcap?

Usually, those XP-L HD Sofirn uses will come with a CCT between 5350K and 5750K, so a bit on the coldwhite side. But I cannot tell for sure what they are using here. I would be surprised if they used a warmer tint than usual. Modes on the SP40 are: 5lm (Low), 90lm (Medium), 450lm (High) and 1,200lm (Turbo).


I can’t wait to try this guy out. Nice UI, temperature regulation, two battery tubes… sounds great!

Thank you for your reply! Pretty nice mode spacing but I wish it had ramping, and a moonlight mode for up close use since its a headlamp. Might be still get one

Seconded! But I’m also happy to see this new entry to the budget 18650 headlamp market. Probably going to be my first decent headlamp, now that I got the feel for a cheap one with the Boruit D10.

Why is USB micro-B outdated?

USB micro-B is a pretty widespread standard, compact AND inexpensive. An USB type-C connector is bigger, more complex and more expensive, without real advantages here besides reversibility.

In the past I replaced some USB micro-B male connectors for a sloppy friend in a DIY power bank with a permanently attached micro-B output cable, they can be bought rock bottom cheap with shells (and I've seen cheaper).

On the other hand, USB type-C male connectors: 5x pieces, 10x pieces. Without :facepalm: shells.

Of course the above is for comparison purposes, just made the type-C thing search out of curiosity. It serves as comparison because as it is understandable the female part cost is thereabouts.

I could say a chair or even the wheel are outdated. I like outdated stuff. ;-)