Sofirn HS05

Found this AA/14500 Right angle light on Parametrek Flashlights.

Anyone have one?
What is the UI like?
Is it new ?

Looks well built.

Don’t know if I want to create another account.

New release. Here’s the only video I could find…

That should do well.

Here’s the manual. Sorry it got a bit crumpled in the box.

I like the light. Would prefer a 5000k tint or 4000k,but it’s nice.

Cross-posting my initial impressions from reddit with some updates:

First impressions are good. Build quality and ano is just what you expect from sofirn - i.e. Great, especially for the money.

1000 lumens off a 14500 seems accurate, it’s very bright.

The whole kit it comes in. LH351D 6000K which won’t be to everyone’s liking, but I actually find it okay.

I paid the equivalent of USD24.40 for the whole kit, including the 14500 cell and dumb charger. As usual, sofirn presents very good value for your dollar - but price may vary based on your locality and platform you use.

Measurement of the reflector (which is a SMO) is 14mm x 8mm x 7mm. If anyone knows where I can get a TIR or OP reflector in this size I’d be grateful :slight_smile:

Size Comparison

Left to right: Convoy S2+, Skilhunt H04 RC, Sofirn HS05, Manker E03H v1, Manker E02H v1

Sofirn is slightly taller than the Manker, slightly thinner, but 3.6 grams / 0.127 oz lighter.


UI is a simple standard:

  • Hold from off for eco
  • 1C turn on/off - hold to cycle modes, l/m/h
  • 2C from anywhere for turbo. Steps down somewhere between 30secs to a minute approx (my eyeball).
  • 3C from anywhere for strobe. Hold to cycle strobe/sos/etc.
  • 4C for lockout.

Compared to the Manker E03H has the superior moonlight (with 14500 I estimate the sofirn’s ‘eco’ mode is more like 2-3 lumen, maybe more), I find the HS05’s UI to be better, specifically:

  • Hold from off for eco/moonlight vs manker which goes to high.
  • 1C for off. Manker’s hold for off is what I don’t like.

However the Sofirn has mode memory. I don’t like that on this type of light in particular. I’d rather it start on low all the time.

Beamshots (excuse the low image quality)

Distance 2 meters:





Pine trees @ 30 meters

Wow Awesome. Thanks for the clarification. The website was misleading…

I have the Manker E03H V2 and it has better (to me) UI. Click on click off. Hold to cycle 2 brightness. Doubleclick to turbo
press from off for several moon options.

This also looks like something I want to try.

It’s very affordable, good value for the money, as I mentioned.

I don’t love the strap, because it’s a real fidget to get the light out in a hurry, but it’s a darn sight better than manker’s strap. Guess I’ve been spoiled by skilhunt’s strap :smiley:

If sofirn puts these out in 5000k or lower I’m sure they’d sell very well.

Agree. I don’t like the Manker strap. Light bounces around way to much.

How are the run times on NIMH and how does it finish off a cell? Gradually or sudden?

where did you buy? Sofirn wants me to make an account.

I’ve only had it a little over a day, so haven’t had a chance to run it long yet. Been using the 14500 that’s supplied in the kit from Sofirn.
I got mine off of their Shopee store, which is a Southeast Asian e-commerce platform. If it’s not available yet in your local Amazon I guess you have to get one off their website. Shipping’s not too bad from China, I got it in under 10 days.

Have you tried if there is pwm at every level?
You can put the light direct on a portable fan for detect if pwm is slow,fast or absent.
Would be very nice if Sofirn add also a ramping mode that will start always from level Eco (no memory mode)

Except the size is there a major advantage over the SP40 ?
(It’s looks like the ui is better but no usb ?)

Can you imagine how many would try and charge an Alkaline AA

Thanks, I missed this info. :+1:

Sorry I didn’t see your message earlier. I do have a room fan, I’ll give it a try tonight. PWM doesn’t affect me but I know it’s annoying for some folks.

Also, is there a way to get BLF to notify you when someone responds to your comments? Might be just me but I couldn’t find any options in the settings. Feels like the type of thing that should be a basic toggle in this day and age.

Don’t know,usually I get auto notification on my mail after wrote on thread,but sometime it miss.
Or maybe you deleted for error the notify about this thread.
About this light,as said lack Ramping mode and sublumen,helpful to read a book,
hope they can upgrade.
Or even better would be an headlamp with emitter and lens on the center + 2 red channel.
Instead angle type,since there is already SP40

I’ve ordered recently from Sofirn, claiming they are putting 5000k in.
While it’s nice and warmer than some other flashlights I own, I would love to see this with 4000k LH351D.
I’m ready to buy another one, once they release 4kk :slight_smile:

Here’s my in depth review with the 6000K variant

Just received mine today. AE shipping has improved…. Anyways really digging this little light and even though I’m normally not a fan of mode memory it seems to work here. Direct access to moon mode and three simple modes
To cycle through by holding. The 5000k LH351D isn’t as dog-farty as some, it’s even better than the recent one from Simon I installed in a fenix hm50r. But after using my 3500k LH351D TH20 for a few hours doing car work I’m reminded how much I prefer a warmer tint closer to or even below the BBL. might have to swap this with a 3500 or 4000k LH351D… or even one of these new again 219B emitters that seem to have come back around. It’ll loose a lot of turbo either way, I suppose…

Do you detect PWM at every levels if you put the light direct on fan blade?

Interestingly, 5000K LH351D in HD05 is noticeably different to SC21 5000K LH351D