Sofirn IF22 & IF22A Comparison

Barry, does the IF22 use the same 8A buck driver from the SP35?


No, sadly it does not. Here’s a runtime diagram (full review still needs some days):

I would love a soft copy of that manual as well! :slight_smile:
I think I have figured most stuff out, and it’s a great light, no manual makes some stuff pretty hard though.

Received the IF22A. Would love a copy of the digital manual too, no paper manual included.

Just used it in the backyard with the dog:

  • ramped it to one level that works well for our yard
  • spill is very low so doesn't blast the neighbors
  • easy 1 click ON,1 click OFF -- perfect for anyone in the house to use
  • easier to use than a zoomie
  • compact size but lots of run time
  • easy USB charging

It's about as perfect as a backyard light can get, well, maybe NW would be better... But still might order a couple/few more for gifting.

That’s too bad. SP35 has one of the best drivers i’ve seen in budget domain. My NO ATR version is amazing.

Dissapointing. Thanks for showing!

My review and beamshots are now available in a separate thread: Sofirn IF22A & IF22 beamshots and review [Update 2021-10-02]

Thank you for the comparison. A couple of questions I’m curious about

  • Is it possible to make the LED on the button stay on so it’s easier to find in the dark? The button looks very hard to find by touch in the dark, and maybe impossible with gloves on.
  • For the hold-from-off to get to moonlight, does the light go on right away when pressed, or does it only turn on after you’ve held long enough to register moonlight? There are some older version of Anduril that turn on right away when pressed, and you have no way to judge if you’ve held it long enough for moonlight to be valid. Newer version of Anduril, when initially pressed, the light stays OFF, and then when held for long enough, the light turns on in moonlight. If released too soon, it goes to previous mode of course, but only after the release.
  • If you wanted a light to mount on a bike to look ahead, which would you choose? IF22 or IF22A?

Hi, you can try this ring so you can see it in the dark. Click to Check

You need to hold the switch for about 0.5s till the moonlight come out.

If you want to use IF22 or IF22A as bike light, I recommend IF22A which has a wider beam angle. You can see the difference in my video. Click to Check

Someone mod an LED into the switch with a resister. I can find the conversation if you need it. It’s for the IF22.

I tried biking with both IF22 and IF25A 4000k. The IF22 is not bright enough. IF22A allows you to set 70c as max temperature. This allows high sustain output. I 3D printed a visor.

Thanks for the glow ring suggestion.

Regarding the moonlight mode: does the light turn on the moment you press down on the button? Or does it turn on at the expiration of the 0.5s hold? Those are the two versions of hold-for-moonlight I’ve seen, and I think the second version works way better.

It turns on after 0.5 seconds when you can release the button.

So I said I’ll wait for the 5000K version but then my C8 died on me and I need something that throws a bit…… so I’ve ordered the silver TIR-version as replacement, can always order the 5000K later :person_facepalming:

I believe I got the last one with battery and just a few without battery available, did you make just a few silver ones?

yes, just a few silver IF22A. Because we don’t have enough led

Waw…i broke my optic legs…Anyone the same experience? Where to buy new one please?Thank you):

How could that happen? Did you take it apart?

Yes….led reflow……This happens to so many people here….never understood why…Now i know:)

Did the legs of the TIR optic break off while "replacing the bezel because the friction between the bezel, sealing O-ring and glass lens twisted the legs off of the TIR optic" or was the breakage caused by something else?

Also, was it immediately obvious when the legs broke off of the IF22A TIR optic (which is for a single LED) when it first happened or did you need to take the TIR optic out again before noticing?

I only ask because I have taken the TIR optic out of my two Sofirn IF22A lights and other lights (with both single and multiple LEDs) and so far I do not believe I have damaged the legs on the TIR optics when I re-installed them, but I have not checked.

Hello, I am new to forum, but inloved in led flashlights for couple of years. Few days jut ordered If 22a, and I would like to know does it worth to swap sft 40 for Osram kw for more throw. I dont know whether tir optic and driver are suitable for Osram led. I would like to make If22a beam/ throw similar to Manker U22III