Sofirn IF24 Pro

Sofirn IF24 S is dead, long live the IF24 Pro. :grin:

  • unfortunately no mention of CCT/CRI yet
  • 1800 lm turbo, 28975 cd
  • moonlight is brighter @ 3 lm (vs. 1 in IF24/FET), guess that was to be expected
  • all modes (except turbo) are brighter than in IF24 and thus have somewhat lower runtimes, not sure how I like that - IF24 had really good mode spacing IMHO
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5000k on the SFT40, not sure on the side LEDs but the standard IF24 is 5000k (the HD01 is 4500k on the side LEDs).

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Someone got it already? How does the power button work with the rotating switch? Does it remember on/off status for modes (so You can accidentaly turn the flashlight on by turning the switch if that mode was left on before)?

Unfortunately, using the rotary switch to select the LEDs to use turns the light on. Of course, the switch is right next to the side LEDs.

A good way to ruin ones nigh vision.

Otherwise I like the light quite a bit.

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I’m very pleased with my IF24 and appreciate the dedicated “Lock-out” position on the rotating mode selection ring.

I have no issues to report since daily pocket carry.

Well done Sofirn … :beers:

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If a magnet source gets near the switch area of the flashlight (or around the sides near at the switch level), it can momentarily activate the light. Discovered this by accident on the pro version.

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Wow … good to know. This is definitely problematic.

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Well that’s an epic fail for staying locked out in carry with any other light with a tail magnet… which is pretty much anything on the market right now…

Although I’d guess Any mag switch light has the same issue?

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At least the IF24 is not switched “ON” by magnetic proximity and is only activated momentarily.

Just tried it on a Sofirn SD05, confirming the same momentary activation.

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A strong magnet close to the rotary switch is probably simulating the switch being turned into one of the other positions.
If turning the switch would not turn ON the light automatically (really stupid idea IMHO) … nothing would happen. :-/

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momentary or constant on would amount to the same thing is the magnet were pressed against it for, say, an hour, or several, in a bag… or even rattled past it again and again over several hours.

Agreed … definitely a major issue. I am going to reach out to Sofirn.

PM sent to Sofirn regarding magnetic activation issue.

Reply from Sofirn:

45x45 Sofirn Sofirnlight
May 15

Hello WEKLUND, I received your message! I checked the samples we have in hand and did find the same issue that you mentioned. I will forward the problem to our engineers and keep you updated with any progress! Sorry about this! Best, Sofirn team

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I have the IF 24 (non PRO). I have some big N52 magnets. ( I think 65 pound pull). I ran some around the switch and got no activation… BUT, further towards the tail, and depending on where (sides or back) I can get it to activate white, or red side light or (on the side away from the sidelight) the main LED. So, yes, I verified on my light that it does this.

BTW, I repeated this with the tail of an HD10… wimpy magnet, it did the same thing. The light only stays on as long as the magnet is pressed against the body of the light. SO Sofirn may need to play with positioning of the magnet to duplicate the behavior.

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There are Hall sensors on the driver and a little magnet in the rotary switch. The Hall sensors detect the position of the magnet. It’s the same principle used in most rotary switches on tactical and diving lights. A simple “here is a strong magnetic field” check can be unreliable and affected by other magnetsas seen in the report here. There are ways to mitigate it (filtering, differential checks with multiple magnets and sensors, shielding, …), but it is more complex and expensive.

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I can live with it. The IF24 is still a great flashlight IMHO … :flashlight:

Agreed, more for awareness.

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Yes definitely not a big deal for me. It is highly unlikely that the light will be pocketed, stored, or shipped with any magnets in close enough proximity to cause any problems… at least for me. But now I know so I can make sure of that.

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