Sofirn IF25 USB-C 2500lm Variable Temempeture 2700K-6500K quad led

That sounds great.

You could just change the config to a higher number of clicks if that’s easier.

And that’s why they make so strange UI with different logic on ramping and stepped mode? Good Joke.

This idea is fully shit. Lantern like LT1 is good when you storage it at home, or drive in car. You can allow yourself have so heavy designated flashlight for camping and only for camping.
But when you going with backpack for some days, you can’t have 5 flashlight for each pattern of use.
More, in tourist use, camping flashlight shoud be more stable - not so long and unstable construction like IF25+large diffuser. So this is stupid idea - to make LT1 Mini like IF25 with stationary diffuser. In field conditions there are not flat tables, for “kerosene lamp”

Thank you, i will try, but the idea like in Astrolux HL01 looks like brilliant.

So the main question is - why on other flashlights i can use different modes and here only one. Powerful enough.
And if i want to have moonlight at night when i charge - i should wrap in a towel and lost some power in nowhere?

In 6500k and low currents light is awfull greenish. And with more warm color flash light lost it’s power at all.

I have this night in comparing it with different lights and very dissapointed.

Of course, if it’s the only light, it’s good. But….

What’s the issue? It’s no different to all other Sofirn lights that use Stepped modes and Ramping. If Stepped modes is so horrible then use Smooth Ramping. The UI is excellent in Ramping.

Single click- On/Off
Hold - Increase/decrease brightness
Click, Hold - Tint Ramping
Click, Click, Click - Strobe

Where’s the problem?

The LT1 Mini is planning to have a removable diffuser so it can be used as a lantern and a flashlight. You might want to have a read of the thread.

If you want a diffuser for the IF25 then do a simple search after measuring the diameter of the head -

Purchase another flashlight that suits your needs or get a diffuser cap. Search for one or make one

I have been using this for a while now, so I would like to share some of my thoughts.

This light has many pros, the best thing about it is probably its selling point, a tint ramping flashlight. If you normally use your light at lower colour temperature (within orange-ish or yellowish tint) I highly recommend it.

However, if you also use white light, this is when it might start to annoy you because the tint is annoyingly green at low modes as D’Averk mentioned. From my estimation, just from nearly 5000k and up the tint will start to go very green.

Some other gripes are as follows,

- The brightness ramping mode is not smooth. If you have used Anduril light before this might also annoy you. I have used some other Sofirn models like C8F and have tried a SP36 and their brightness ramping were smoother than the IF25s.

  • The button is firm, which is good in terms of it is less likely to be inadvertently turned on in your bag or pocket. But when I want to switch between step mode and ramping mode, which requires 4 clicks, I occasionally end up hitting the strop mode (by clicking 3 times). If you are holding a light in a pen-holding gesture and you would like to switch the mode, I find this very difficult to do with my index finger.

The only reason that I’m still keeping this light is because it is lovely when you use it as a lantern as you don’t see the greenish tint and being able to change the colour temperature is really something. I am eagerly waiting to see how the LT1-mini will be. It will be lovely if white light is not green and the diffuser can be removed.

Huh, I’ve never had the issue of hitting strobe instead of mode change, are you certain you’re clicking fast enough?

I’m not someone that cares much about green or blue tints so this hasn’t been an issue for such a low price. It would be different if paying top dollar for a high end brand.

Sofirn mentioned they didn’t use Samsung leds due to a horrible beam pattern with artifacts so they had to use SST20’s.

I haven’t noticed this. Sofirn didn’t use Anduril because they believe it’s not simple enough for most people. There’s been a lot of reviews around on different sites of confusion.

Most people don’t want heaps of strobes and blinkies, they don’t care about configuring the settings, they want simple operation - on/off, mode change, single strobe. Sometimes that’s too much and they want a single mode.

Flashlaholics are really the only ones that want a ton of configurable options.

90% of my customers in New Zealand want simple operation as above. I have so much trouble selling Anduril, in fact I still have an SP36 with Anduril for 8 months now. The simple versions get taken and that one left.

I love Anduril and would happily have it on all my torches but I do agree that it’s probably not the best firmware for non-enthusiasts. Unfortunately, I’ve found Sofirn’s in-house firmware to be pretty bad - I don’t mind a simple UI, and I’ve even learned to live with hold-for-off, but the inconsistencies are infuriating.

I know it’s unlikely, but does anyone know whether the IF25 uses an ATtiny MCU so there’s some possibility of it running Anduril?

I hope the LT1 Mini runs Anduril (I haven’t kept up with the thread) so it’s UI is constant with the LT1, and there’s a possibility of using the driver in the IF25.

EDIT: It looks like the LT1 Mini will run Anduril :laughing:

Do you work for them? There are some real things, which looks like the quirks in best case, and fails in real meaning.

The real visible pwm, the low real output against declared, some awfull greenish tints in all light modes with cold leds, unknown reason of only one mode while charging (not even two - moonlight and one middle). Different UI in ramping mode and stepped mode. No diffuser from factory (diffuser for edc18, as example, could be bought separatly in ali for 2.5buks). No modern modes like candle.

But changeable color temp is extremely close for such usings…

They could made this fl more usable in any way, even for this money (as example, i bought edc18 on ali simply for 26buks), but you simply answer
“Nice fl,i like it, if you d’t like some issues - just shut up and go away”
Говоря по русски, у вас поведение “ссы в глаза - божья роса”.

And the last - if sofirn could produce ltmini which would use samsung led, anduril and could be used like hand flashlight, that means they simply cheating with if25 - all this words about awfull beamshots with samsung hicri leds.

I just recently came back to use the IF25 and have started to love it a bit more (probably just like how people get use to things over time). But I missed the floodiness of Lumintop FW series. Yeah, like D’AVerk previously mentioned that the EDC18 was even more floody, which I found suiting me more for my use. Is there any ways to make the beam more floody? I’m thinking of changing the lens but I have not a clue if there is any compatible lenses.

Got my IF25.

My initial impressions:

  • Infinitely variable ramping UI is nice, but not as well done as Anduril. Still quite usable though.
  • Infinitely variable color-temperature ramping is exceptionally well-done. The LEDs chosen are very good, without much green. The beam is beautiful.
  • The overall light feels good in the hand, but I would have preferred something a bit narrower. The light is a bit big for pocket EDC.

The light feels solid and well-built with good tint. However, apart the tint-ramping nothing about the light really stands out. Some things that could be improved:

  • Sometimes when using turbo the light forgets last used non-turbo mode and turns on in turbo.
  • A “max turbo” option to enable full power on all 4 LEDs would be nice.
  • The heatsink fins are a bit sharp.
  • Did not come with a pocket clip.

Has anybody tried legoing IF25 tube with EC01?

I can try and I will post reuslts.

After reading this tread about about month ago I ordered the IF25 because I don’t mod lights and this one looked pretty fascinating to me. I’m not usually bothered much by tint and usually stay in the Cree 3D, SST-20 5000k range when I buy something so I wanted to see what this was like.

But I’m really liking the low end 2700k indoors on the IF25 and since I’m in and out a lot at night it’s really great to be able to use the tint ramp outside to go up to the 6500k range. I’m not noticing much green at all when in the 6500k range. I compared to other SST-20’s I have and this IF25 actually looks about the most white without much yellow or green.

For the price, about $30 delivered, I’m pretty happy with it. UI works well enough for me. The only thing I wish it had was a way to keep the blue switch light on as a locator when the light is turned off. The blue light is only on when the light is on (except moonlight) and used as battery indicator. It will be interesting to see if this tint ramping will become a thing with the Emisar lights.

Your impressions match mine Cyropro.

  • Very unique feature set.
  • Fairly well done UI with both output and tint ramping. Shortcut to moonlight, on-off and turbo.
  • Excellent choice of emitters
  • Feels good in-hand.
  • Excellent price given how unique the features are.

However, it is a bit bigger than I’d like. I’d love it if Emisar came out with a tint-ramping D4v3 with the same emitter setup and using a modified version of Anduril with the same controls as the IF25 for tint ramping (click + click-hold). And with the option to blast all 4 LEDs at max power.

Clip from YooToo SD1 is not great but it fits well.

Yes I want D4 with tint ramping but it would D18 with E21A (2000k + 6500k) tint ramping as an accessory. :smiling_imp:

I bought another one for another mod, this time before pulling out the LEDs I did some measurements.

(Edit : turbo is level 6 not 5)

It does get a bit rosy on turbo, but on the lower levels it’s quite green, especially on the cool white side.

Color rendering on level 4 (high), approximately in the middle of the tint ramp :

Thank you very much for the test, the freeman. I sold my IF25 because it was terribly green at high CCTs and at that time I still didn’t know how reflow an led. Please post the measurements if you swap for other leds

The previous one I put sliced LH351D in it (I posted it in the mod today thread)

In the next one I will try to put E21A in it, 2000-4500K

Thank you very much.

After I learnt how to reflow leds, I had a thought of getting LH351D for popping in IF25, but staff from Sofirn told me that the dome of LH351D is too big for the optic.

The sliced leds must have work great. Tints are so rosy. This is probably going to be one of my favourite light.

I love the tint ramping in the IF25. Great light!

However, the light is too big for me for EDC. I wish I could remove the driver and put it in an Emisar D4. Unfortunately, it’s too wide.

Too thick too, it’s a double PCB :

Sofirn IF25 driver

I also wish for a smaller tint ramping driver.