Sofirn IF25A $28.15 shipped US

Flash sale + 25% off clickable coupon for an IF25A brought it to $28.15 for me shipped from and to the US. I went with the 4000K Anduril 2 / 4000mAh (higher discharge) battery. The Anduril 1 / 5000mAh (lower discharge) version is slightly cheaper still. 6500Ks are the same price for those who have no soul.

I’m a big-time fan of Sofirn flashlights. I probably have around 20 different models, but this is one that I have not owned. However, it seems to be a very popular, highly-rated flashlight and is a light that I have specifically been wanting to grab, for a while. And for $28, with U.S. shipping, this would seem to be a great deal and a great opportunity to buy a great little flashlight. Thank you very much, for posting this deal on here for your fellow flashlight fanatics to see!

I’m digging the multi-TIR lights recently for indoor use. On a recommendation here I bought a TS21 w/ Nichia 219c 5000k . It is, as mentioned in the thread, the cleanest white, tint-shift-free light I own. I also have a 3xSST-20 4000K(ish) Acebeam TK16 with a clean, smooth, warm beam I really like as well, so I’m hoping this IF25A will be the sweet spot between them.

Thanks for that link to Sofirn & coupon .