Sofirn IF25A power button LED

I was looking through the owner manual and I can’t find any information on what color the LED should be during charging and while I am using it. Also when I turn it on I get the red & blue LED’s lighting up and when I turn it off, the red LED’s glow.

Is this normal or do I need to return it?

According to @1Lumen’s great review, “The e-switch lights up red when charging and green when done”.

The review doesn’t mention it, and I don’t have this light so I can’t check for you. @1Lumen doesn’t seem to be a regular here, but probably someone else with that light will answer you here before too long. Failing that, you could try asking on the “Q & A” section of its Amazon page:; it’s kinda hit-and-miss but I have managed to get good answers there sometimes.

The Amazon Q&A was going to be my next option.

The IF25A doesn’t have blue LED’s. Are you sure you’re referring to the correct light in your subject line?
Red switch indicates the battery is low. Charge it. Switch will remain red during charging. A fully charged battery is indicated by green lights in the power button.

I will look and see when I get home in about an hour.

If it has the same driver as other similar lights from Sofirn, one color is controlled by Anduril, while the other two are connected directly to the charging controller. I think red might be controlled by Anduril. Blue might indicate that the powerbank output is enabled.

Here’s the light and the colors that I’m getting the red & red/blue is on the blue is charging.

I stand corrected! Must be recent vintage. Mine are old stock with Anduril v.1, red/green power indicators. I can see where that scenario could cause some confusion. Maybe send an email to Sofirn via their website to see if they can clarify the function?

I have sent one to them and I’m waiting for a reply. Anduril V2 is the UI. I am perplexed why the manual would not include how the e-switch LED’s work.

This might help, this is what google gave me;

Looks like there is a glitch in when which LEDs come on, and if you get both sets, it combines and you get the 3rd color.

Sounds to me like the charging circuit gets confused as to when it is outflowing or not… (I’d guess its reading normal flow of power to the AUX, or even the main emitter, as power draw for the power bank feature and turns on the charge indicator, thus getting both modes showing at once in the switch)

Wow, that’s an incredible help. I’m just going to have it replaced, since it’s only 2 weeks old.

It’s not a defect. All behave the same.

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Thanks, I can live with that.